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Fixing Chrysler Radios

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Oklahoma Wolf, Sep 17, 2007.

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  1. Hello all. I'm working on three Chrysler radios at the moment and have run
    into a brick wall on all three of them. I'm hoping there's someone out there
    with some ideas on what to try next. Haven't been able to find schematics
    for any of these things.

    First up is a CD player, model 5269054, supplier 26777. It came to me unable
    to read CD's - had to glue the laser lens back on and that problem was
    solved. However, in bench testing another problem showed up. I found that if
    you turn the volume up, the deck skips, display dims a moment, and what I
    can best describe as a squeaky toy sound comes through the speakers
    (accompanied by extreme speaker cone modulation). It seems to do better with
    the supply voltage to the deck increased, but acts up all the time when I
    try it in a car (skips in time to turn signals). Haven't been able to get
    far on this one - I recapped the power supply section with Panasonic FC to
    no effect, but don't have the schematics to go much further. About ready to
    give up on it. I'm sure it's a power supply issue, but it's hard to tell how
    much of the mainboard is actually the power supply.

    Second patient is a changer controlling cassette deck, P04858500, supplier
    28046. Was working fine, but gradually lost the ability to set the clock.
    Then, the fader control quit working (sound remains equally balanced no
    matter what the setting is), along with the tuning buttons. All other front
    panel functions work. FM tuner used to go dead - some resoldering of the SMD
    components on the tuner board fixed that one. I've resoldered just about
    everything on the front panel and mainboard, SMD or not, to no effect on the
    front panel issues. Am now suspecting the LC7574 IC may be at fault, but not
    sure if that has anything to do with the fader issues, and everything else
    the IC controls is working fine. Original complaint was that one had to
    press really hard on the clock set buttons to get them to register, but I
    have not been able to find out why. Front panel PCB connectors are in good
    shape, and I've just about resoldered everything in the deck now. I'm kind
    of stumbling around in the dark on this one... if anyone has some ideas on
    what specific part of this thing to concentrate on, I'd appreciate it.

    Third patient is another cassette deck, Infinity II, model 4469313 and
    supplier 28046. Deck is now working (had a defective phototransistor as a
    reel sensor), but I'm hoping to get the pinout for the 8 pin DIN connector
    for the slave CD player on the back if possible. Want to use this one in my
    New Yorker to keep a factory appearance, and then use that connector to
    adapt an auxiliary input.

    Thanks for reading.
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