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First appearances of connector types?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by N Cook, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. N Cook

    N Cook Guest

    Anyone know of somewhere that lists the first appearances of such connectors
    Mini din
    in particular
    but preferably other types as well for bookmark purposes.
  2. Gary Tait

    Gary Tait Guest


    SCART: Probably the late 1970s/early 1980s when video recorders,
    Teletext, and other video deices began showing up on the market.

    Mid 80s, when S-VHS video recorders started showing on the market, or
    when IBM came our with the PS/2 system, and used the mini 6 pin din
    instead of the larget XT/AT 5 pin din for the keyboard, and later mouse.
  3. N Cook

    N Cook Guest

    For Scart I have only got to earlier than 1984 and mini-din there seems to
    be confusion in usage of the term with fine pitch D connectors but mid 80s
    seems about right.
    Unfortunately the old catalogues I have are for more industrial type than
    domestic connectors.
  4. This is a newsgroup about the repair of electronic equipment. Your
    question has no relevance here.

    Before posting, and adding to the clutter that may kill yet another
    newsgroup, read Mark Zenier's guide to the sci.electronics.* hierarchy:

  5. IIRC originated in France and called Peritel - a way of connecting an
    early home computer to the TV. No point in having what is essentially an
    RGB connector for a VHS.
  6. N Cook

    N Cook Guest

    I see someone has done Wikis for them.
    According to those 1977 for Peritel/Scart but no dating on the mini din one
  7. I tend to keep a selection of old catalogues from RS and Maplin etc so
    I'll try and remember to look and see when they first appeared - if mine
    go back that far.
  8. N Cook

    N Cook Guest

    I looked in my 1977 and 1985 Maplin ones but neither in there.
    My earliest RS one is 1986, I keep a look out for earlier RS cataloques,
    (when they used to stock valves and TV spares and running man logo) at radio
    rallies but not seen any for many years.
  9. Ah - that saves me the bother then. ;-)
  10. Gary Tait

    Gary Tait Guest

    But it leaves the possibility there for the future.

    Slightly OT, I wish they had Peritel/SCART in North America.
  11. N Cook

    N Cook Guest

    What does an ordinary consumer do there, to connect a TV and surround sound
    amp to a satellite system, VCR and recordable DVD say. Call out an engineer
    to create a custom made rat's nest. ?
  12. Gary Tait

    Gary Tait Guest

    I believe Video recorders have 3 SCART connectors. You can connect
    digital audio with optical and coax though.
  13. whit3rd

    whit3rd Guest

    The Macintosh Plus (1986) used mini-DIN 8 connectors for serial,
    so they were definitely available then. DIN means a standard, of
    so there's a date of issue for the DIN documents (which probably isn't
    the same as first manufacture or use).
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