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Epson Stylus 2200 is having a depressive fit, maybe....

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Tara Banfield, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. Howdy --

    I went ploughing through Google Groups and couldn't find any references to
    my printer, so....
    Does anyone know how to un-clog the ink system in this machine? It doesn't
    seem to have the same kind of nozzles as every other Epson out there! I the
    last week, two of the colors have cut out completely, so I 'm pretty much
    guessing about the clogging issue. The cartridges aren't ancient. If I
    could find a manual that doesn't turn out to be useless (!) that would be
    great -- just don't want to spend any nickels on something I can't peek at
    Thanks for any pointers --

  2. Bob  AZ

    Bob AZ Guest

    Google for a service manual. Or better yet read the manual that came
    with the printer. There is a cleaning cycle.

    Bob AZ
  3. Hmmm.

    Yes, there IS a cleaning cycle! The (not-listening) Epson tech told me to
    try that routine AFTER I told him I had tried that routine over and over and
    BEFORE I called him.
    And it has been run over and over and over again! About a dozen times. I
    thought it would cure the missing light magenta lines. But then, one of the
    black blocks disappeared on the test page! Somebody's constipated, I tell
    I sort of assumed I should run all the tests and checks and follow all the
    instructions AND contact Epson before I went looking for help here, so I
    did! Honest! That sucker's been cleaned to kingdom come. Lots of ink down
    the pike. Still constipated. All of that was done BEFORE I came here, and
    after the many unproductive nozzle checks and cleaning cycles.
    Googled like mad for a service manual. BEFORE I came here. Haven't got
    spare change to throw at a document I can't evaluate beforehand, so thought
    "Hey -- maybe some kind person has a pointer to some convenient resources!"
    I have bought utterly worthless "Complete repair manual" products before.
    Yes, I know how to use search engines. It's true. But if we all were just
    supposed to clam up and go buy a service manual, what's this group here for?

  4. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    There are many issues regarding Epsons and both genuine and apparent ink
    clogs. You may never actually get a fix on it. In the last 3 years, I have
    thrown away two Epson all-in-ones in utter frustration. The dipstick at
    Epson support had become like a family friend. I have now gone back to an
    HP, which never clogs. All of which doesn't help your immediate problem. Try
    the following links. I'm sure you'll find the info right away, or someone
    who knows how to help you directly

  5. Thanks, Arfa!

    I had an HP awhile back -- the fountain kept spitting ink all over the
    rollers and it tracked like mad, and I can't count the number of times I
    sent it back. The cleaning kit was useless. DIDN'T clog.
    Never thought of that.
    I'm starting to think that level 1 tech support EVERYWHERE is done by
    Once, I had an ink-munching Lexmark that kept on going and going and was worth the extra ink!
    I'll go take a look at those links -- thank you!

  6. Thee is a cleaning fluid for these. Try
    and search for your model.



  7. hr(bob)

    hr(bob) Guest

    I refuse to have any EPSON printers in my house after experiencing
    similar problems. While they work , they are fine. But they just get
    new ink, not new nozzles when you put in a new cartridge. That makes
    it a little cheaper, for a while, but when you have to buy a whole new
    printer because the nozzles are hopelessly clogged, it's not saving
    anything. I now go for Canon, HP and Lexmark printers, They have new
    nozzles with each new cartridge, and the cartridges can be refilled
    quite a few ( more than 10 times in my experience) if you are so

    H. R.(Bob) Hofmann
  8. Well -- the 2200 doesn't have the same kind of nozzle setup, and you can't
    do the syringe flush routine, which is what that fluid is designed to do (I
    checked that out in phase one). HOWEVER.....Arfa's advice led me to a
    service manual for $4.95. It's enormous, but assumes the person doing the
    repairs is a professional! I'll have to draw a bunch of conclusions, but
    that's okay. It's either risk permanent printer damage or toss the printer.
    No dilemma.
    Since I'm now officially allergic to HP and Epson, I guess it's Lexmark and
    Canon for me!

  9. I've been happiest with my Brother.
  10. Bob  AZ

    Bob AZ Guest

    �HOWEVER.....Arfa's advice led me to a
    Where is the manual for $4.95?

    Bob AZ
  11. Joe

    Joe Guest


    Try posting your problem to


    There is a guy there that seems to be an expert at unclogging Epsons.

    --- Joe
  12. Oh, hey -- I have an ancient electric Brother typewriter, and I love that
    thing. It never dies.


    Thanks everyone, for the help!


    ?HOWEVER.....Arfa's advice led me to a
    Where is the manual for $4.95?

    Bob AZ
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