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Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Golf, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. Golf

    Golf Guest

    I am trying to locate or cross reference two diodes. Both are located
    between the horiz. and PCC circuit in this Sanyo model #HT32744. Both
    are shorted. Part # on diodes (FMPG3F, FMCG28). I searched this site
    and found one post for FMPG3F where the guy was looking for a
    replacement also, but he had no responses. I have searched the net and
    can't even find a datasheet with the exact same part #. If I had the
    specs I could find what I need. Anyone out here familiar with these
    components or where to find replacements, specs? Thanks once again
    group. BTW, I will post final results of this TV when complete. Thanks
  2. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

    FMPG3F Damper diode, made by Sanken Electric. No other
    info available, obsolete part.

    FMCG28 Ultra fast recover rectifier diode made by Sanken Electric. No
    other info available, obsolete part.

    You should be able to come up with good subs if you do a little research
    and if you research the typical in circuit requirements of other sets with
    similar HVO.

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  3. Golf

    Golf Guest

    Thanks again Meat. I will continue looking and see what I can find.
    I'll call Tritronics tomorrow. They carry a ton of parts, and may have
    a sub listed for these. Tritronics costs more than usual though. They
    had a particular PNP transistor for $19.95. I crossed it to NTE and
    found it at Mouser for $4.95. Anyhow, as I said, I'll post results as
    I get them on this set.
  4. M.Joshi

    M.Joshi Guest

    Looks like both parts are manufacturered by Sanken (Japan).

    Hope this helps:



    They are not the exact part numbers you are looking for as they hav
    additional letters after the part number
  5. Golf

    Golf Guest

    Thanks for the info. I couldn't find all the data I needed to order
    replacement diodes (not comfortable not knowing for sure). I went
    ahead and bit the bullet and ordered these from Tritronics. Also
    ordered a PNP transistor and a fusible resistor. All these components
    related to the PCC circuit. I'll get into this with an update post if
    I ever fix this thing. Thanks again.
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