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Depth Sounder

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Ken Corbett, Mar 18, 2005.

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  1. Ken Corbett

    Ken Corbett Guest

    I need to replace my sail boat depth sounder. Just want a straightforward
    how deep is it with ability to set warning at certain depth.

    Any suggestions on models, prices, where to buy.


  2. Ken Corbett

    Ken Corbett Guest

    Should have noted its for a 26' sailboat
  3. Larry W4CSC

    Larry W4CSC Guest

    I'd highly recommend a simple, monochrome CHARTING "fishfinder". They're
    quite cheap and do have the depth alarm you're looking for. I like them
    much better than the sailboat depth guage with just number readout because
    the fishfinder gives you a "history" of what the depth has been for the
    last minute or so so you can see a TREND of it getting shallower and how
    fast, or is it getting deeper so you can breathe easier, again...(c;

    Any depth sounder that will read to 50' is deep enough. But, WAY more
    importantly, is to make sure the new one will read accurately in SHALLOW
    water, not just start blinking away at you saying it's too shallow for it
    to tell you where the bottom is, like many models do. Who cares if the
    depth is 3000' or 300'? You want to care more that it's rising and is 3
    feet under the keel!

    Also make sure you can OFFSET the reading, too. The transducer isn't on
    the bottom of the keel, it's forward of it (I hope). So you want to be
    able to calibrate in the depth difference offset from the transducer's
    location to the bottom of the keel. Use a tape measure to find out what it
    REALLY is while you have it hauled out to install the new transducer.
    Measure from the keel to the concrete, then from the transducer to the
    concrete and simply subtract. Write that by the transducer mount so you
    can't lose it later. Offset is very helpful when you're in panic mode in
    the uncared for ICW shallows.

  4. Looking at the incredibly tortuous depth contours off the West of Scotland
    where I sail, I would run out of fuel double-quick if I followed them, and
    in a sailboat under sail, forget it! I could not care less once the depth
    gets above 10 metres.

  5. You don't need to follow countours to use depth in navigation. If
    something else fails, you can take soundings at regular time
    intervals, mark them on a piece of paper to the scale of your chart,
    and move the paper parallel to your course until you get a match.

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  6. Larry W4CSC

    Larry W4CSC Guest

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  7. Larry W4CSC

    Larry W4CSC Guest

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