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Creating a device in Eagle

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Clifford Heath, Jun 10, 2005.

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  1. I did my first schematic in Eagle last night.
    I wanted to show a piezo device (the CUI Inc CEP-1136,
    so I thought I'd build a device, symbol and package for it.
    Not unlike the F/SU in buzzer.lbr.

    I have it most of the way there, but I can't work out how
    to rename the pins on the symbol or the package. I seem to
    have two sets of pin names?! Possibly because I placed the
    pins the wrong way around at first and had to pick them up
    and rotate. There's also some green text I didn't ask for
    on the three pins, saying "I/O 0". Why, and how can I change
    it? I'd like to renumber pins also.

    One other thing, this isn't really a footprint, as the
    package has three lead wires, it doesn't PC-mount. So I
    dropped three "pads" on the package where the wires come
    out. I guess that's ok, except the DRC will want to know
    why I haven't placed it - won't it? I also want to rename
    these pins.

    I've dropped the LBR in a.b.s.e, in case it's of use to

    Clifford Heath.
  2. jim dorey

    jim dorey Guest

    manual first, tutorials second, you did read them didn't you? you can ask
    in, which has english groups, i'm there. you can also say
    'gee, i read them things and i still can't get it' then i'll give you the
  3. I don't use Eagle, so I can't help with your first questions.
    If this thing is to connect to the PC board, you need some sort of
    footprint or group of pads for it to connect to.

    For off-board components I usually use a row of pads for the footprint
    - they don't have to match the arrangement of terminals on the device
    (although sometimes they do - my footprint for a DPDT switch is a 3 x
    2 array of pads, arranged in the same way as the switch terminals).
  4. jim dorey

    jim dorey Guest

    i do similar, but for rotary switches i leave the pads within the device
    outline, then i route near the device, then i slap on a pad which i then
    rename to the net, route to, works fine.
  5. Bob Monsen

    Bob Monsen Guest

    Use the 'namer thingy' tool to rename pins. It looks like a little
    resistor with R2 and 10k above and below it.

    You can change the visibility of the pins by editing the symbol. Use the
    little 'wrench thingy', select 'visibility', and then 'off'.
    To change the names of pins, edit the symbol, and then you can just
    click on them with the 'namer thingy' selected, and a dialog pops up.
    The namer thingy has a button that looks like a resistor with R2 and 10k
    on it.

    Eagle has a bizarre interface. Learning it is like learning to type on a
    dvorak keyboard.
  6. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    I did my first schematic in Eagle last night.
    from Kevin Bolding, Instructor, Seattle Pacific University
  7. Thanks all. I was confused by the device pins and pads both having
    names. If it's any use to anyone, I posted the updated library to

    Clifford Heath.
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