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Compaq 800 notebook boot failure

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by xygt, Jun 20, 2005.

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  1. xygt

    xygt Guest

    Hi, having an issue with this laptop. Model says series PP2160.
    It won't get past POST, and will only display the red Compaq splashscreen
    with a F10=Rom Based Setup message. Hitting F10, F2, Fn+F10, F8 all do

    I've tried:
    - booting on battery
    - booting on mains
    - removing the RAM module and starting
    - removing the HDD and starting
    - swapped out the RAM module
    - tried the RAM module in the other slot
    - leaving the battery, HDD and RAM out overnight

    I've been able to fix another Compaq using these steps before, but have now
    hit a brick wall with this one.
    Hoping someone may have had this before, as I hoping I don't have to send my
    client to the Compaq dealer.

  2. Try finding the permanent backup battery (usually a CR 2025 or similar).
    Remove this for about two minutes and see what you get.


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