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Coby LEDTV1526 picture blanked out: SOLVED

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Ray Carlsen, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. Ray Carlsen

    Ray Carlsen Guest

    Is it a feature or a bug? At least I found a way to get the picture back...

    This TV has a strange symptom. When ENERGY SAVINGS mode is selected
    from the menu or by pressing the P-MODE button on the remote, the
    picture blanks out. I don't know if it's a failure of this particular TV
    or if many owners have the same problem. I emailed the factory and was
    told it had a problem and was instructed to send it back. I decided not
    to return it for this minor problem as I know from experience I might
    not get it back repaired, or worse, I will get some other TV with
    another problem to deal with, perhaps something even worse. Such
    "replacement" TV's are called "refurbished" or "repacked". I didn't want
    to gamble.
    There is a remedy for the problem of picture blanking but no cure
    for why it blanks in ENERGY SAVINGS mode. That, I believe is a fault in
    the programming of the system control circuits inside the TV. Perhaps a
    firmware update would cure it, but I don't think it's important enough
    for me to risk that either. I just avoid that "feature".
    I accidentally entered the ENERGY SAVINGS mode of my TV soon after
    purchase and the picture blanked out but there was still sound. That was
    confusing because the blue LED at the bottom of the screen was not lit
    and I thought the TV had shut down or failed somehow. I later learned
    that "LED off when TV is on" is normal for this TV. The LED is only on
    in STANDBY mode: TV plugged into AC power and turned off.

    It's helpful to know how this TV works and how you might
    accidentally enter the wrong mode and think your TV has failed. I'll
    run through some of the things the book doesn't tell you...
    When you plug the TV in to AC power, listen for a click from the
    speakers about ten seconds later, and another very faint one a few
    seconds after that. The TV is now in STANDBY and the blue LED at the
    bottom of the case will be lit. Pressing the power button on the TV or
    remote will brighten the blue LED for a few seconds, then that LED will
    go out and the TV will turn on. Who dreamed that one up? Stupid!
    When you are viewing the TV, repeatedly pressing the P MODE button
    on the remote will toggle through the various PICTURE settings, the same
    as you can select in the MENU: they are THEATER, SPORTS, CUSTOM, VIVID,
    STANDARD, ENERGY SAVINGS, and back to THEATER. Each will brighten or dim
    the picture to suit your viewing preference. However, instead of dimming
    the screen in ENERGY SAVINGS mode as expected, the picture blanks out on
    my TV! To get it back, I pressed the P MODE button again. I now leave
    my TV in STANDARD mode.

    Now the problem: If you enter the MENU and select PICTURE, then MODE,
    then select ENERGY SAVINGS, the picture will blank out, but in this case
    it memorizes the setting for that source! It will remain blanked and you
    can't see the MENU to correct it. The only way to recover from that is
    to do a factory default reset. Press the SOURCE button on the back of
    the TV (not on the remote, that doesn't work) to toggle to another
    source even if nothing is connected to its input. That will bring the
    screen back so you can re-enter the MENU, select SETTINGS, go to RESET
    TO DEFAULTS at the bottom of the screen, then select YES. That will
    return all the sources to the factory default STANDARD picture setting.
    The sources, by the way, are: TV, AV, S-VIDEO, COMPONENT, VGA,
    HDMI/DVI, and back to TV.

    Ray Carlsen
  2. Guest

    It's a feature designed to get you to buy a new TV.
  3. But, certainly NOT the same brand?
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