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cheap electronics store online

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Aug 17, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    I'm sick of going to radioshack and paying ridiculous prices.

    Anyone know of good online supplier?

    Also, would anyone here happen to know of any stores in NYC that carry
    a selection like Radio Shack?

    Thanks again,
  2. John Doe

    John Doe Guest


    As far as I know, Mouser is more like RadioShack and Digi-Key is
    more for engineers. I've ordered from both.

    Good luck and have fun.
  3. Guest

    There are lots of them out there.

    I kind of like

    Just be careful not to rely too much on parts being in stock, if it's out
    of stock, they'll ship the rest of the order, leaving the "out of stock" part
    out of the order. This means that.. if you're working on something that
    needs all the parts, you could get stuck paying the shipping fee twice.

    It's a fun site to visit, they always have weird stuff there.

    I don't like

    The only reason I don't like them is that they didn't respond to an
    inquiry I had once. Could have been a fluke incident. (I know there
    have been times when I lost emails from people asking me stuff regarding
    my products, must have looked like I didn't care.)

    I don't despise them or anything, just had ONE bad experience, I've heard good
    things about them, so I may be out of line by saying I don't like them. (and
    a but hippo-critical)

    You could also visit Don Lancasters website:

    It's full of advertisements, but it's also full of information.

    He's got lots of papers and info on getting cheap parts. (and good books too)

    I like his site because, although it's full of ads, it's also full of content, making
    the ads quite acceptable. (He's got to get paid for all that work he does
    some how!)

  4. randomname

    randomname Guest

    thanks a lot guys!

  5. Puckdropper

    Puckdropper Guest

    wrote in
    Welcome to Usenet. Most readers really appreciate (ok, that's sugar
    coating it) the attempt made by a person to find the information to such
    a question themselves. You are already familiar with google through
    their mail system, so why not try a websearch?

    Oh, and have you heard of Google Local? Just type your query and
    location, and Google usually pulls up local results. Wonderful, isn't

  6. Just wanted to note that although google does a great job, relying on it to
    buy something could end up
    in boosted search results.
    I found google to be accurate for private searches but boosted for
    commercial ones.
    No sweat, just my 2 cents.

    Bart Bervoets
  7. Chris

    Chris Guest

    Hi, Sam. Two good hobbyist sources are Mouser and Jameco. They're
    both online, and both have paper catalogs. And I understand Mouser
    will even send your order Parcel Post if you're willing to wait.

    Be sure to request a catalog with your order.

    Good luck
  8. default

    default Guest

  9. Guest

    you obviously dont know much....~:>
  10. Of course, in this case it's not just a matter of finding information, but
    getting an evaluation.

    I was once asked to find a cheap source of button cells for something for a
    friend, and doing a websearch on the battery number turned up about one place.
    Obviously it was a place to get them, but there was no clue about whether
    the business really existed beyond a website, or if they did have stock
    how reliable they were.

    It amazes me to see people thinking they can have a business if they
    have a website, and then they worry about how they rank in a search engine
    return. The fallacy is that they aren't doing all the things a business
    needs to do to make it viable, like advertising and getting customers
    in early who will hopefully talk about their good experience, and getting
    talked about in old media. The sorts of things that tell the potential
    customer that it is a real business, and people have bought from it.

    I suppose it is easy to find companies that do mail order in electronics.
    I've never searched, and my first thought is figuring out suitable
    searchwords. But unless someone finds a place where actual customers
    are discussing the companies, it won't give an independent verification
    of the business.

    When I was a kid and first went to buy parts, I did pick a name out of
    the Yellow Pages. Of course, there was a real store so I could evaluate
    the store first hand, rather than sending money off to some faraway place.
    It turned out to be a good choice, the place was a combination old style
    parts store and surplus outlet (ETCO here in Canada, for those who
    might remember the time when they did mailorder), and I later discovered
    there were other stores of the same nature clustered nearby. But, I
    could have just as easily picked some other place, and had a bad experience.

  11. In the old days, there were hobby magazines, and that's how we'd find
    out about stores such as this.

    Obviously, those magazines are gone, with "Nuts & Volts" being the
    only general electronic hobby magazine in North America that I can
    think of now. It is worth getting a copy, at least for the
    ads (though glancing at it, I don't see the same level of ads that
    we used to see in the old magazines), to get a feel for what's out

  12. default

    default Guest

    The good old days. QST, 73, Radio Electronics, Poptronics. And Canal
    Street in NYC for electronics surplus; store after store filled with
    bins of cheap surplus military and computer surplus electronics .
    Last time I was there there was one old holdout and a brand new
    computer store the rest was taken over by Chna Town.
  13. But I thought Canal Street disappeared when they started work on
    the World Trade Center almost forty years ago. At least, I've seen
    articles about the area's demise because of the construction, and
    those articles were from the late sixties.

    Of course, QST is still publishing (as is CQ), but CQ is the only
    ham magazine available at the newsstands, QST having abandoned,
    after about a decade, their distribution to non-ham outlets.

  14. default

    default Guest

    The area changed a lot from when I was a kid, but the sign said canal
    street. My OM was with me and pointed to a building where he said
    Lafayette Electronics had their start. It looked like the old canal
    street - still run down looking, the old stores are there - most
    selling cheap knock-offs from China and a few Chinese food stores.
    There were a lot of changes too. We walked from the Fulton Fish
    market to Canal. I think the Pace College campus was new and a big new
    police station. Fulton Market is mostly or many coffee houses now,
    but it looked like they still sell fish in a portion of it - tjhey
    were filming a movie so we didn't get to explore as much as I would
    have liked.

    The one electronic place had some very old stuff antique electronics
    and bins full of waveguides - looked like they were made from brass

    This was about 9 years ago. Trade Center was still standing.
  15. John Doe

    John Doe Guest


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    you obviously dont know much....~:>
  16. John Doe

    John Doe Guest

    During a search for merchants, you can get lots of pointers to the
    same merchant. Word-of-mouth helps eliminate that problem. By asking
    for advice you can find better merchants that aren't the best at
    spamming their URLs all over search engines.

    Have fun.
  17. Si Ballenger

    Si Ballenger Guest

    In addition to the big companys already mentioned I also order
    stuff from BGMicro below.
  18. Guest

    Have you tried

    I wonder what web site is best for searching. Anyone has a clue?
  19. Randy Day

    Randy Day Guest


    I bought some LCD displays from
    $3.00 each plus shipping. No problems
  20. John

    John Guest

    Other surplus dealers - buy it when you see it, it won't be there next
    month (and maybe not tomorrow).

    Marlin P Jones

    SkyCraft Surplus

    I second All Electronics. Just got some 2x24 LCD displays with EL
    backlight for $4 each, along with way too much other "stuff" ;-)

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