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Cardboard biogas digester

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by M Souness, Apr 26, 2005.

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  1. M Souness

    M Souness Guest

    Does anyone know of any projects relating to the use of anaeribic digestion
    of cardboard to produce biogas (methane)?


    Malcolm Souness - Rural Energy
  2. I haven't heard of such a thing but I do know a lot of landfills are
    starting to pump air and water down and getting methane out the top.
    A lot of the waste in many landfills consist of paper and cardboard.

    Here in Los Angeles there is a lot of recycling of cardboard so I'm
    not sure just how much would be available for digestion in the first

  3. Boxboard, as opposed to corrugated cardboard, has little value to recyclers.
    Here (Halifax, NS) it gets sent to the composting facility. I wouldn't
    think boxboard should be hard to come by - but I don't have a clue whether
    it's really useful for biogas.
  4. rebel

    rebel Guest

    The Americans already have a digestor that vertually breaks down tyres,
    plastics, household waste, any biological items including corpses, into oil
    gas and fertiliser, why are they not building more and even larger ones.
  5. Cite, please?
  6. M Souness

    M Souness Guest

    A cow to eat the cardboard, or a cow to produce effluent for conversion into
  7. M Souness

    M Souness Guest

    That's what I'm trying to figure out - if it's really worth looking into.
    Malcolm Souness
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