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BUZ11 ltspice model

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by maxfoo, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. maxfoo

    maxfoo Guest

    Do these parameters look right for a buz11 mosfet?

    LTspice model

    ..model BUZ11 VDMOS(Rg=3 Rd=5m Rs=1m Vto=2.1 Kp=63 Cgdmax=2n Cgdmin=1n Cgs=1.5n
    Cjo=1n Is=2.3p Rb=6m mfg=Fairchild Vds=50 Ron=40m Qg=27n)
  2. legg

    legg Guest

    If Cgd is intended to represent gate to drain capacitance or Crss, it
    should run between 250pF and 400pF. This didn't change for 'A' or 'S'
    variants. BUZ11 was never specified for Qg - if this were calculated
    with a 10V gate swing and a 50V drain change, Qg is closer to 33nC (as
    Cgs sees a 60V change during the switching operation).

  3. Hello RL,

    This is a VDMOS model. The parameters have a little bit
    different meaning from what you expect. Nevertheless the
    min-capacitances are too high.
    Vds, Ron and Qg are only comments in the VDMOS model.

    The model below is much more according to the Siemens datasheet.

    ..model BUZ11 VDMOS(Rg=3 Rd=5m Rs=1m Vto=3.0 Kp=9
    * Cgdmax=2n Cgdmin=.15n Cgs=0.8n Cjo=1n Is=2.3p Rb=6m
    + mfg=Fairchild Vds=50 Ron=40m Qg=27n)

    Best regards,
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