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Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by A. Dimitri Lascaris, Mar 6, 2004.

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  1. I undertsand that certain models of Sony Rear Projection televisions suffer
    from a defect known as "burn-in" -- when a fixed image (such as a network
    logo) is viewed for a prolonged period, the image becomes permanently
    imprinted on the TV screen. I also understand that Sony has taken the
    position that burn-in is not covered by its warranty. I am therefore
    examining legal remedies against Sony for its failure to pay for the repair
    of Sony TV's that have sustained burn-in, and I am very interested in
    speaking to anyone who has experienced this problem, particularly if you are
    a Sony customer who resides in Canada. If you have had this problem, please
    email me at .
  2. Sofie

    Sofie Guest

    A. Dimitri Lascaris:

    Seriously now..... have you considered that it is NOT a fault with the
    television but with the programming that YOU select and your viewing habits.
    Maybe you should sue the broadcaster who's logo is burnt into the
    screen..... that little Playboy bunny is sure annoying when burnt into the
    screen, isn't it? Or maybe you should sue the power company because
    without power you would not have the burn-in problem, right? Or sue
    yourself for actually turning on the television in the first place.
    Heck, sue everybody..
  3. So this is what ambulance chasers do when business is slow?

    Sony is no different from any other manufacturer on this issue, which is
    well known and completely normal and expected with all phosphor based

  4. I undertsand that certain models of Sony Rear Projection televisions suffer
    You're not serious, are you?

    1. Burn-in is a problem that has the potential of affecting ALL television
    displays. Regardless of manufacturer and regardless of configuration.

    2. It is not covered under the warranty because this is not a defect. It's a
    drawback to video displays, be it LCD, plasma, and cathode-ray, and a fact that
    burn in will happen when you have a stationary image left on the screen for too
    long. This problem is exacerbated with the use of rear projection displays.

    The way to help slow down this problem is to properly adjust the picture levels
    of your TV to their optimum levels, particularly brightness and contrast. Too
    high brightness and contrast tends to accelerate the occurance of burn-in.
    This will help to slow down the problem from happening, but it won't stop it.
    The way to prevent it further is to ensure the images on the screen are random,
    including not staying on a particular channel for too long so you won't get
    burn-in with those blasted station logos.
    Talk with any manufacturer about this and they will take the same stance.
    There are no legal remedies. This is a common problem with all displays of all
    brands and there is no solution that would still allow the TV to display images
    with any kind of decency.

    The only solution to **guarantee** that you won't get burn-in on your TV at
    all is to stop using it altogether.

    I'm sorry but I'm afraid that you're stuck. - Reinhart
  5. delltalk

    delltalk Guest

    Why do most of the posts regarding suing others come from Canada?
  6. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    get a life, burn in is the oldest problem with CRT and that
    includes rear projection. any form of CRT will produce burn in
    if you leave the same image on it! its common knowledge to those
    that know what they are buying ! to others well there you go.!
    i really don't think your going to get much support from too many
    here. live with it, you bought an expensive unit and now you think you
    should get it repaired for free after using it for hours with a single
    image stuck on it.
    Even a plasma will do that.
    you may consider an LCD next time !, they are slightly better on that
  7. - - ex - -

    - - ex - - Guest

  8. David

    David Guest

    There is no legal remedy. That is normal on any phosphor based crt when an
    image is left on one spot for too long. In fact any owner who bothers to
    read the owners manual will find that image burn in is not covered by the
    warranty and how to prevent it from happening. Most manufactures include
    that information in at least 2 places in the owners manuals.
  9. Vector Viper

    Vector Viper Guest

    I tell you what, waych out if you watch the FOX news channel on
    The logo and the left if VERY bright, I have seen projo set burn
    on this in days if
    watched enough!!
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