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Black and Decker CTO6301 electronics problem.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Dec 5, 2012.

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    I have a B&D branded toaster oven with a model number CTO6301. Recently, the oven just powered off during toasting bread at breakfast. The unit had been off all night and judging by how warm the toast was, it wasn't on long. After I opened the unit and started checking for voltage, I found the stepdown transformer putting out about 13vac and on the other side of the bridgerectifier about 12 vdc. I could see no obviously cold solder joints or anyburned components or leaking caps. After attaching the board to a test transformer on the bench, I was only able to get the thing to act up one time.... The display went blank and no response from any buttons. I unplugged andreplugged the test power supply and the display was still blank. Then after unplugging again, I shorted the two caps near the rectifier and the cap near the IC. These three are the only electrolytics on the entire board. I plugged back in and it remained working despite light flexing of the board and tapping on various components. Any ideas on solving this problem?

  2. Given that you shorted the caps and it started working again, it might have
    been that the ICs were locked up. (I've seen this in other products.)

    You might try shotgunning the solder joints, resoldering every last one.
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    Ahh, good to hear someone has actually seen something like that before. Also, I just finished re-heating all the solder joints and am going to put it back together and keep fingers crossed.

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