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Awesome gadget

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Trevor Wilson, Dec 9, 2004.

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  1. At a computer fair a couple of weeks ago, I spotted this flying saucer
    thingy. About 200mm in diameter, with a blade in the centre and a
    counter-rotating shell, which also provides lift. Very simple and very
    impressive. All remote controlled, with a rechargeable battery in the
    saucer. Some nice LEDs around the perimeter dress it up kinda nicely. All
    for 40 Bucks.

    The motor is amazingly tiny and very powerful. Probably worth the $40.00 on
    it's own.

    I bought one. So did my mate Doug. Mine had a small problem with the remote
    control, but it was easy to rectify.

    Anyway, Doug dropped 'round yesterday with another one (different colour and
    a different charger). His girlfriend picked it up in China for 9 Bucks.

    Watch out for these things. Well worth a look. Maybe you can bargain them
    down a little, given they only cost AUS$9.00 in China.
  2. dmm

    dmm Guest

    Is the body made of expanded polystyrene foam, or something similar?
  3. **Yep.
  4. dmm

    dmm Guest

    I think I saw something similar in Jaycar at Ringwood last week.
  5. Fred Ferd.

    Fred Ferd. Guest


    Its made of generic sold translucent or opaque plastic.

    The UFO isnt going to move at high speed, so it doesnt have to be foam.

    the motor will last about 20 minutes running time total.
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