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Another TV repair or replace question

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Ivan, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. Ivan

    Ivan Guest


    My TV (Philips 32" widescreen crt, low end model) has been playing up
    recently and I'm wondering if it's worth a repair or time for a new one.
    It's only 6 years old, all problems have started in the last 6 months or

    Until recently the only problem was the speakers which periodically stop
    working for a few hours at a time. I haven't bothered getting them
    looked at because I normally use home cinema speakers anyway.

    More recently the remote control sensor has become a bit unreliable and
    doesn't always work. The remote control has also had a hard life so I
    usually use a programmable remote.

    Earlier today I was watching and all of a sudden the menus started
    popping up and going through multiple language options etc at a very
    high speed. I switched the TV off, left it for a few hours and when I
    turned it on all I had was a blue screen. I left it another while and
    now the picture is back but the geometry is a mess. It's like watching a
    TV with a fisheye lens camera. As the tv warms up the picture improves
    but it's still very bad.

    I have had a google and know I can probably get at the service menu to
    tweak the picture but with multiple things going wrong I think I would
    be better just taking it in for a repair. On the other hand I was going
    to change it this year for a flatscreen to save a bit of space so I
    don't want to spend a lot of money on it.

    Before I go to the effort of arranging time off work and lugging it into
    town I was hoping someone here could tell me if it sounds it should be
    fixable at a sensible price?

  2. In that case, get a new TV sooner than later.
    It would not be a good decision to have it repaired where I live (Florida,
    USA). You did say it was a low end model and 6 years old ... just my
  3. Guest

    No way to know the cost of repair without getting inside the set. Make
    sure if you take it into a Philips Authorized service that if you
    decline the estimate that they are willing to keep the set so you wont
    also have the cost of disposal of the hazardous waste.

    Given the symptoms you currently described, it really sounds like the
    buttons have gotton liquid contamination inside the tv set. It is at
    least worth having checked out, even if you plan on keeping it as a
    second tv set in the other room.
  4. b

    b Guest

    this could be down to simply poor joints or, as another poster pointed
    out, liquid in the front panel. Hopefully a relatively basic fix. Has
    someone been cleaning the screen with window cleaner spray? In any
    case, the set is worth having looked at, Philips stuff, being an
    established brand, tends to have considerable tech support/ be easy to
    find parts and schematics for. Take it in, preferably where they open
    the set up before 'diagnosing' or estimating.
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