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AN6652 Motor control IC

Discussion in 'Audio' started by techforce, Oct 9, 2019.

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  1. techforce


    Dec 26, 2008
    Working on one of these in the design of an ION Archive LP turntable. The consensus of the
    engineers I asked for feedback on this IC seem to say that theres not enough info supplied on the
    internal layout of the IC to know how to test it. I ordered a new IC, but it behaves the same way,
    and it does not make the motor operate at all. I have tested the 12V motor and it does work.

    Was just curious if anyone has any experience working with this kind of IC, and there is an AN6651
    version out there and I wonder if its compatable.
  2. bertus

    bertus Moderator

    Nov 8, 2019

    The voltage ranges and sensitivity are different.
    Just compare the datasheets.


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