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A few quick questions. (Connectors and Power Supplies)

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Conrad, Robert, Oct 11, 2003.

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  1. First question: Is there a place that makes inexpensive cables/connectors
    that would:
    - allow me to run 10-12 pairs between a control box and a relay panel.
    - Handle about 200ma per pair.
    - Be small enough that I could put roughly 25 of these connectors on the
    back of the control box. The control box is 3in high and 8in wide.

    If that isn't possible: Is there a cheap ($3-4US) way of building a reliable
    5V power supply that could be included in the relay box (pretty small).
  2. Okay, I know its bad form to reply to your own post but I just read some
    cool stuff that could make my life MUCH easier and negate the need for my
    previous comment.

    I was looking up SPI and IO expanders. I found the MAX7301 which has a SPI
    interface. Is it possible/safe to send that SPI output to each relay box. In
    the relay box I could put a MAX7301 IO expander that actually controls the

    I still need a cheap power supply in this case, or I need to power the
    device through the connector cable. This doesn't sound safe to me so I am
    trying to avoid this solution.

    I also need to know something else. Can I use a multiplexed to access the
    Chip Enable bit on the MAX chips, and tie all the other SPI pins (Data in,
    Data out, and Clock) together on all the components? Would I have problems
    with this configuration?
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