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Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Jon Smith, Sep 13, 2003.

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  1. Jon Smith

    Jon Smith Guest

    Is any manufacturer on the face of the planet still making 5V EDO DRAM? I
    am supporting a legacy product and it appears that everyone (Kingston,
    Hitachi, Samsung, Micron, ISSI, etc) just ended production.

  2. I know that we have ~3,000 pieces of 1Mx16 TSSOP EDO DRAMs (60ns I think)
    sitting in our factory in China, they would be very happy if you would buy
    them :) The reason we bought them was precisely because of this issue; these
    chips cropped up on the spot market.

    How much do you need to "support" the product? If this is for limited
    ongoing production, then I'd suggest just hitting the usual surplus people
    like usbid, partminer, et al.
  3. Jon Smith

    Jon Smith Guest

    The good news is that we only need about 400 to 600 per year, but we plan on
    continuing production on this product for 5+ years if possible. So I may
    just bight the bullet and redesign the RAM section.
  4. The good news is that we only need about 400 to 600 per year, but we plan on
    How much is your time worth? If you can afford it, I think it would be
    better to buy up 5 years' supply now. Of course, that's assuming you
    can source all the other parts in the design for 5+ years. Micros and
    video chips (and so on) with EDO controllers are a dead or at least
    moribund breed.

    If it uses 5V EDO it must be a pretty old design already; how much
    longer before feature requirements are going to mandate a major rev
    anyway? Buy enough parts to earn that much free time, at least... :)
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