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1U 130W new power supplies for $3.95 from MPJA

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by sms, Jun 13, 2013.

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  1. sms

    sms Guest

    I was looking for some cheap, slim, power supplies, with no vents on the
    top or bottom, for some embedded development platforms (previously
    Arduino, now Raspberry Pi and Beagle Board).

    I bought five of these back when the price was a ridiculously high
    $5.95. I went back to buy some more and I saw that the price has fallen
    to $3.95. The shipping is no bargain though.

    +5V 15A
    +3.3V 10A
    75 watt max combined on +5V and +3.3V

    +12V 6A
    -12V 0.4A
    +5V Standby (when supply is turned off but plugged in) 0.25A

    130 watts maximum total power so you can't have every output at maximum
    current simultaneously.

    <>. Power cord not included.

    I opened one up, to complete the partial specification that MPJA has on
    their site, and they look to be very well made.

    I measured the voltages and they have very tight regulation (+/-1% when
    you use the sense lines). No -5V, but if you really need it an LM7905
    from the -12 would get you some -5V. The proprietary connectors are
    useless of course, but you'll just cut them off anyway. There is no good
    pin-out sheet on the MPJA site, but I figured out all the connections
    and posted it: <>
  2. miso

    miso Guest

    The Arm boards I've used are just 5V. I use a 3A regulated switchmode
    wall wart. Wouldn't something like a Meanwell or Volgen make more sense
    if you wanted to go "upscale?" Granted not $4.

    I see those Sun power supplies at Excess Solutions if you are in the bay
    area. Not $4 though. More like $15. I'm leery to use them since computer
    supplies often have minimum loads.

    The website only shows items they have in quantity. I usually get items
    where they only have two or three. Usually better stuff than what they
    have on the website. The Volgens, when you can find them, are generally new old stock made in
    Japan. Meanwells are Taiwan or China. Volgen NOS is common on Ebay too.
  3. sms

    sms Guest

    The issue is that I always need to power other stuff besides the
    embedded board. I almost always need some +12V and some 3.3V.
    These do not have minimum loads.
    I haven't been to Excess Solutions and I am in the Bay Area. I'll have
    to check it out. I go to Halted quite often but the store always looks
    like a tornado or earthquake just hit the inside.
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