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Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Bruce in alaska, Jun 19, 2009.

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    Fred F. <> wrote:

    > I know that this has been asked (and answered) many times before, but
    > as it did not effect me at the time, I did not fully absorb it.
    > Here is the description that was passed on to me:
    > My Craftsman 5600 watt generator (model 580.675610) uses a 10.0 HP
    > Briggs and Stratton engine and it runs great. While the unit starts on
    > the second pull after sitting for several months, it does not produce
    > an AC.

    snipped for Brevity...

    > So, thanks in advance for assistance. Mainly the question is "Is this
    > an indication of a fault in the unit, or just the design and is there
    > a way to prevent this from happening if the generator sits for several
    > months?

    Ok, so you have a Sears (Generac) Genset where the engine runs just
    spiffy, but no Juice comes out the Plugins.... and you PAID the Sears
    Guy to come out and "Flash the Field" last time this happened.... and
    now it has happened AGAIN... but you didn't pay attention to what the
    guy did last time, and it must be a Design Error, cause it SHOULD "Just

    Welcome, to the world of Technology that you use, but don't understand..
    Your Genset has TWO Windings. A fixed Stator (or Output) Winding, and a
    rotating Field (or Exciter) Winding. There is a electrical connection
    between the two windings, and usually some sort of Ac/Dc Rectifier -
    Voltage Regulator System that controls the Excitation so you get 120 Vac
    60 Hz Output out of the Stator Winding while putting just little juice
    into the Field Winding. When the Genset has set unused for long periods
    of time, (long is relative to the design of the genend) the Iron Core of
    the rotating Field and it's Winding loose the slight Magnetism that
    builds up when the genset is used. Your Genset REQUIRES this slight
    Magnet response, to get things generating, and if it isn't there, you
    get NO juice out of the fixed Stator Winding. To induce this slight
    Magnetic Field, back into the Iron Core you need top "Flash the Field
    Winding"..... To do this, you disconnect the Field Winding, from the
    Ac/Dc Rectifier - Voltage Regulator System, and connect a 12 Vdc battery
    across the Field Winding. this may be done with, or without the engine
    turning, but most folks do it WITH the engine running. It should only
    take a FEW Seconds to induce the Required Magnetic Field, into the Field
    Winding and Field Core, and if you use a Voltmeter to monitor the output
    you will see that the genend will be making juice while this is being
    done. Once the Field Core Magnetic Response is recharged, it should hold
    for a few months to a few years depending on the design of the Core.
    Certainly for a few months anyway. Once Flashed, you stop the engine,
    and reconnect the wires back to where they came from and reassemble
    things back to the original State. Start up the engine, and Shazzamm,
    You Gots Power....
    If not, then you need to walk yourself over to,
    Register, (it is free) and tell our Resident SmartGuys, all about your
    "Tail of Woe"... and they can get you educated and running again, right
    quick... Everything you EVER "didn't" want to know about Generators in
    general, and Generac Generators in particular, can be had over there,
    and our Resident Smartguys, have hundreds of ManYears of experience with
    Generators from 100 Watts, to many MegaWatts.....

    Bruce in alaska
    add <path> after <fast> to reply
    Bruce in alaska, Jun 19, 2009
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  2. Bruce in alaska

    Curbie Guest

    They also have enormously experienced and helpful folks with steam, it
    seems from Bruce's comments, just an all round good bunch.

    Curbie, Jun 20, 2009
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