PIC 16C57 - yes - a 10 year old project needs modifying - please read

Discussion in '8bit Microcontrollers' started by pOTRice, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. pOTRice

    pOTRice Guest


    First time I've submitted to this group and unfortunately it has to be
    to ask some kind soul for some help.

    For the last 5 years I have been supporting a 10-year old PIC 16C57
    program by 'tinkering' - i.e by editing the assembler, using MPLAB
    and sending the HEX file to the factory for them to test it in the
    product hardware. This has been adequate for the low impact
    modifications that have been required.

    However, I now have to do a serious modification to this program which
    will require *me* to do thorough testing.
    I have retrieved my MPSTART-16C chip programmer from its box (where
    it's been for the last 5 years) set it up and connected it to COM1 on
    a WIn98 PC using the 9-pin 'D' connector straight through lead
    supplied with the kit.
    Although MPSTART appears to successfully connect to the programmer
    without any 'squeeks', it will only ever read back all zeroes from any
    chip, blank or otherwise. The LED on the programmer *does* light up
    while comms are apparently occurring.
    The PICSTART manual does not specify the serial baud rate, number of
    data bits or parity (but does mention the use of hardware flow

    I am hoping that the symptoms are not caused by a dead programmer but
    that I simply have the wrong comms configuration.

    The last time the programmer was used, it was connected to a real
    *DOS* PC but unfortunately I can find no notes about how I got it
    working first time round.

    So . . please can anybody confirm what the comms configuration should


    pOTRice, Mar 10, 2008
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  2. pOTRice

    Tom Guest

    As far as I can remember, it used 9600 8N1
    I still have mine around here someplace too. :)
    Tom, Mar 10, 2008
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  3. pOTRice

    pOTRice Guest

    Many thanks for your quick reply Tom.
    However, that was just the answer I didn't want to hear - that was the
    first setting I tried (it was the default in Win98).
    Starts to look like it may be the programmer.
    A first trawl around the net suggests that the 16C57 really is
    unsupported now. (I have no idea where my client actually buys them)
    Some of the third parties' programmers specifically exclude it.
    I believe I may have access to another MPSTART-16C programmer so may
    be able to borrow that.

    Thanks again

    pOTRice, Mar 10, 2008
  4. pOTRice

    Tom Guest

    Well, I found my Picstart 16B1, and I still have two 16C57-RC/P's and
    one 16C57-JW-S1 too. If you can communicate with the programmer then
    you have the settings right. I just found two floppy disks with what I
    think is the software too.
    Tom, Mar 11, 2008
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