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    Mar 20, 2017
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    Hi all,
    I am one of the founders of LinuxIoT Project and would like to introduce our Opensource project which is under active development. We plan on updating our website in about two (2) weeks from now. The update is planned to show Project Timeline, Roadmap, Contribution Guidelines, Feature and Bug Tracking.

    LinuxIoT is an Opensource Project started by two individuals. The product is a complete IoT Eco-system of Hardware, Software, Webservices, and the necessary Interfaces.

    The Product include necessary Hardware and Software for a fully functional IoT Infrastructure. You can build an entire Universe of tiny beasts with it - Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS) to UAVs, and much more depending on if you can think straight.

    1. End-point Board (IoT EP Board as we call it)
    2. Debug & Program Board
    3. Gateway Breakout Board (designed for C.H.I.P Linux computer)
    4. Heart Rate Pulse Oximeter Sensor - Add-on
    5. Navigation Unit - Add-on
    7. Optical and Thermal Vision Sensor - Add-on
    8. 40-pin Flex Board-to-board Connector

    1. Firmware for IoT End-point board
    2. Firmware for IoT Router & Forwarder (EP Board also functions as dedicated Router/Repeater)
    3. Firmware & Middleware for IoT Gateway (Linux only)

    1. Webservices Stack
    2. Minimal Dashboard Stack (Web UI)
    3. Mobile Apps for iOS and Android mob
    4. These boards are WIP (work in progress):

    Add-on Boards
    Seismo-acoustic sensor with on-board Signal Processing Unit - UGS Board
    we would love to hear from you
    topview_shielded.jpg sideview_shielded.jpg sideview.jpg topview.jpg sideview2.jpg otv_sideview.jpg otv_bottomview.jpg
    LinuxIoT, Mar 20, 2017
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