We Ask Our Readers: Did University Prepare You for Your Career in Engineering?

about 3 days ago by Sam Holland

To what extent have you found that your education has prepared you for a career in electrical/electronics engineering?

It is common knowledge that university education, no matter how vocational, may not always prepare us for the workplace. In fact, experience teaches us that even the most career-focused individuals and their relevant degrees may not be enough to meet the demands of the working world.

For instance, when Electronics Point first asked engineering graduates why they switched from engineering careers to a new field altogether, many of the reasons given reflected aspects of employment that could never be taught in a lecture theatre. For example, many respondents found that their engineering position, far from being a seamless transition from their degree syllabus, eventually taught them that their skills were in fact all the more helpful in another industry.


An example of both vocational learning, and learning on the job. Pictured: an engineering lecturer overlooks the work of two trainee electrical engineers. Image Credit: University of California San Diego.


This is not to say, of course, that all graduates leave higher education without the relevant tools to find the right career. Many will feel at least adequately prepared career-wise after leaving university. And this all reflects just one example of how much individual differences determine whether or not graduates find their education to be clearly vocational—or purely academic.

But how about engineering graduates? To what extent have you found that your industry education has prepared you for a career in electrical/electronics engineering? And while, needless to say, the events of 2020 have taught us that there are some things you could never prepare for, this makes us all the more interested to hear how you, our readers, have found the transition from higher education to your engineering job role today.

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