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Zenith SR2773DT Losing Color

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by D. E. Smith, Dec 30, 2003.

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  1. D. E. Smith

    D. E. Smith Guest

    I have a Zenith SR2773DT 27" TV that loses color once in anwhile. All I have
    to do is 'finaggle' the cable connector and the color will come in and out
    until I finally find a place where the color will stay for a while. It will
    eventually go out again and I will play with the input signal cable until
    the color shows again. I had the set to a tech, and they rebuilt the tuner,
    and repaired something else concerning the color signal. I had the set back
    to them 3 times, and the problem still exists. At least I got a rebuilt
    tuner out of it. Anyway, I was wondering if it could be something as simple
    as a bad RF connector? It seems weird to me that all I have to do is wiggle
    the cable a bit and the color will come back in. However, sometimes when I
    do this, I get bad snowy reception on my cable channels 33-39. All is well
    with the world if I change to channel 35 and wiggle the cable around until
    it comes in clear and in color. Sometimes I have to settle for just color,
    though. Any thoughts? Should I look for a new TV repair facility? Could it
    be as simple as the RF screw connector? Any help is appreciated.

  2. 3 times to the shop and still having trouble? I can't imagine any shop
    not correcting a problem after 3 times. That third visit would call for
    the "shotgun" repair method
    May point towards something other than your TV as the culprit. When you
    say you have bad cable reception in a small group of channels, that may
    mean something.
    If I were you, I would replace your RF cables, all of them, and/or
    replace the suspect connector if it is the main cable wire, or even
    call your cable TV repairman, and have it checked/repaired
    Make sure you use good quality cables/connectors. Don't use any of the
    "push on" types.
    or, before that even, maybe sub out the TV w/ a different set, see if
    it does the same thing with that RF cable. That will at least rule out
    the possiblity, and it's bound to be cheaper and easier than lugging you
    set to the shop again.
    Hope you have not loosened the actual RF jack/connector on your TV it's
  3. one other thing you may want to try, use yiour VCR ,video game, DVD
    plyr, or some other device, (connected via AV in) does the set lose
    color then?
    You just need to start from "A", and work your way to "Z".
    Make sure your RF cables/connectors are good,
    (replacement may be the best way to be sure) then check to see if it
    loses color in "AV in" mode.
    If you still lose color in AV mode, you most definately have trouble.
    These steps won't tell you whether your actual TV connector has gone
    bad. That's where subbing your set would come in.
    I'm not sure about your set, but I beleive zenith may still use a
    certain RF "jumper" w/ a female "F" conector on one end, the other end
    goes to the tuner. I have replaced quite a few of those over the years.
    (for what it is, the original zenith part is outrageousely expensive)
    On the 3rd trip in to the shop, I would think they would replace the
    entire board just to get it out of their hair
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