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Zenith Model SM3583BT 35" TV Audio Problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Ron Novini, May 9, 2004.

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  1. Ron Novini

    Ron Novini Guest

    Have a Zenith Model SM3583BT 35" TV with gray and distorted video.
    Determined that the tv had a
    defective IF Block (Part # 9-1320). After replacing the block, the video
    was restored. However
    a new problem was encountered. All stations were received as mono with
    the left speaker
    inoperative. The audio amp (IC810 TA8218AH) was resoldered from a
    previous repair. The amp proved
    to be ok since the audio signal for the left channel was not even being
    received at the input
    of the amp. As a result, I replaced the Sony MTS ic (IC 1400 CXA1264AS)
    and the corresponding
    quad amp (IC 1404 221-129). The problem still persists. In the service
    menu, I enabled Dolby
    which was not active. On the user's menu, I attempted to enable SEQ in
    the audio menu but was
    informed by the OSD that the station was not in stereo, which I knew was
    false. For only one
    attempt out of many was I able to enable SEQ which allowed the left
    channel to operate. Looking
    at the pinout of the IF Block, I was able to identify the IF, AGC, test,
    and Audio Output pins
    on the four pin plug. However, the three pin plug part of the IF Block
    is more difficult. I
    believe that two of the pins are Vcc and Video output. However the third
    pin is traced to IC6000
    which is the microcontroller. Is it possible that this is a stereo
    detect signal or is that
    signal carried on the data line? Has anyone encountered such a problem?
    Thanks ahead for any
    tips, Ron.
  2. David

    David Guest

    SAP mode is turned on in the user menu. There may be corrupted data in the
    eeprom causing improper operation of the if block. You did perform the
    alignments in the service menu after replacing the IF block as required per
    the service manual, didn't you? You may simply be chasing a problem that is
    a result of not completing the initial repairs.

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