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Zenith D60WLCD/D52WLCD - blue cloud

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Aug 26, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    A while back I posted aboiut one of these. I described things pretty
    well, so if you want some more detail search the group.

    Thing is, I now believe I can fix these things. I am planning to
    dedicate a day or so. As you remember I do not have any part of the
    original blue polarizing filter. I need to see one raw, that is NOT
    taken apart by anyone else. I will use a machinist's turntable to
    index the replacement polarizing filter after I have at least a part
    of one in hand.

    I already have one person willing to send me thier lightbox. I have
    RSVPed three other emails about the same subject. They emailed me from
    this group.

    So here we are, does anyone still have these things ? I think I can
    offer a valid repair for about $350, and I am not sure, but I might be
    able to upgrade to a glass filter, which will be alot more reliable.
    Anyone interested contact me.

    Try to do it soom. I would like to get as many of these things
    together at the same time as possible. If I get enough of them the
    $350 might go down, or maybe not go up for the upgrade.

    Remember, this repair has never been done, but I have been the first
    to do a few other things. I am confident that I can fix them, and
    these are expensive sets, I intend to use the full staff of the shop
    and send the boss to his boat, until I call him. And that will be to
    hook me up with some of his camera guys. Yup, that is where the new
    filters will come from. And if I can get them in glass, I will. Of
    course I know it has to be the right thickness, unless I want to
    compromise blue focus, that is because I know what I am doing. But
    then blue focus could be compromised just slightly, and you might be
    happy to pay $350 for a unit that will outlast the original design.
    Perhaps it can be optional.

    I have four emails, I have responded, we'll see. If they still got
    those units, there is hope.It is best I dedicate a day or a couple of
    days to just these. And don't complain about the price, I will be
    using the time of almost every shop employee.

    I think this is a good solution. Because $350 is better than $3,000.
    If anyone would like to include their lightbox in this project,
    respond here or contact Zzactly at a o l dot c o m.

    And do it quickly, I want these things in and out of the shop before
    the season hits.

    And we own one of these, the reason I can't fix that one is that they
    got rid of all of the original filter. Understand this, I have figured
    out how to figure out a repair. If I had been there for the initial
    disassembly, I could do it. But I was not.

    There is one vital piece of information I need, and the only way to
    get it is to take apart one of these things MYSELF. I have one coming
    I think. That should do it.

    You must all understand, this is not likely to be a quick job. There
    is a guy who will be passing through my area wants to drop one off,
    and go on vacation for a few days and pick it up on the way back. I
    had to tell him this is not the way it works.

    Once I determine the polarization index, I need to procure enough
    lenses, and I would like to check it on at least two units to assure
    they are the same. You can't count on anything these days. I would
    assume they are the same, but I will not. I will find out.

    Then, if optimally I can get the glass filters in the proper
    thickness, I have to go to people who can grind it into the perfect
    shape and heed the index, and I want the angle to be within one
    minute. One minute is a 60th of a degree.

    Let's say I am a couple degrees off in one direction, it will work,
    but the blacks will have blue in them. The only thing that can be done
    is set the color temperature low and bring up the brightness a bit.
    Still a nice picture, but not up to specs. If I am off the other
    direction, in the greyscale settings I can probably fix it by raising
    the pedestal level of the blue, the background control in effect. If
    this happens, as I raise the parameter, the blue will get darker until
    I hit the null point. When set that way the TV should have a good
    picture, but again, not up to spec.

    The latter scenario is only like a 5% drop in quality, but the former
    affects the ultimate contrast ratio, so I consider that significant.
    That is why I intend to use some machine tools that most people do not
    have. It is the only way. I need to accurately measure and turn a
    piece exactly 90 degrees and then mark it somehow to index it for this

    Sounds like fun doesn't it ? Some people, if they knew what this job
    entails they would kiss my feet to have it done for $350.

    But here is the thing, if I can get a few of these things together,
    fix them all after getting the info I need, there is some money to be
    made. Indeed if I can get like five of them at a time I might even be
    able to drop the price.

    At any rate, respond one way or the other if interested. If you would
    like to sell a similar unit in the Cleveland, Ohio area same thing.
    Contact me either by email or this group. We'll exchange phone #s and
    go from there.

    Just let me know, who is still out there with these units ? I don't
    know about anyone else, but I think if you can fix something that
    costs $3,000 for $350 that is a worthy endevor. And that is not a
    guaranteed price either, but again, if more people send them, the
    better the chances of success and actually maybe even better results.

    Anyway, enough for now. After I actually do it I can say more.

    Contact me if you have one of these.

  2. I sent you a message, Jeff, in response to the email you sent but it
    bounced. I have the manuals for you but need an adress that will accept
    emails. Do you have some other address other than the aol email?

  3. Guest


    I wll look into that, ZZactly at aol dot com should be completely
    open. I'll see what is happening, if all else fails I'll give you an
    adress at work, after all that's where I need it anyway.


    JURB (Jeff)
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