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Zenith A32B41W TV Problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Arnie2448, Aug 19, 2007.

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  1. Arnie2448

    Arnie2448 Guest

    I have a Zenith A32B41W TV, Circuit PCB 9-2003.

    I discovered two bad 1000pf/2000v caps, CX3220 (fried) and CX3231 which I
    have purchased replacements. But I also discovered what looks like some type
    of ground fuse or plate (EX3401) next to the AC Input that has definite
    visible signs of arcing/damage. Should I replace this? I was reading a
    similar post and it discussed finding the root cause, which I did, but it did
    not mention replacing this. If so, what is the part# and where can I find it?

    Also I discovered a loose component (THX3415). It looks like a silver disc
    (the loose part) sandwitched between two wire leads. This component is in
    the same section of the PCB. What is this? Some kind of thermal component?
    I am assuming I need to replace it as well. Any part number and place I can
    purchase? I cannot locate a schematic for this board.

    Any help is appeciated.

  2. Guest

    Try NTE for a cross reference or see if PTS has the board .THX # may
    be a thermistor EX3401 may be a
    spark gap of some sort
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