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Zarlink Laser Diode Drivers First to Support 16 x DVD

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by R Ward, Feb 16, 2004.

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  1. R Ward

    R Ward Guest

    Zarlink Semiconductor has introduced the first commercially available
    laser diode drivers that support x16 DVD and x52 CD write/rewrite
    speeds for the next generation of optical disc drives used in
    high-speed DVD/CD combination recorder units.

    DVD/CD recorder units will be able to write a 4.7 Gigabyte DVD disc –
    the equivalent of a two-hour movie – in under six minutes. In
    comparison, it currently takes an unacceptable 1.3 hours to write the
    same movie at x1 speeds.

    For more information visit:
  2. Nobody is using 1 x speed these days.
    It is now 2 or 4.
  3. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest

    Nobody will use Zarlink parts if they keep spamming us like this.

  4. MNQ

    MNQ Guest

    how can it take 1.3 hours to write a two hour movie at x1 speed?

  5. Rick

    Rick Guest

    Because x1 doesn't mean what you think it means. It is kinda like in WWI, they
    didn't refer to it as 'one' at the time. (Exception, "History of the World,
    Part I", directed by Mel Brooks). DVD recorders just came to the market at some
    writing speed and now that speed is refered to as x1.

    At least I think this is right.
  6. Ian Stirling

    Ian Stirling Guest

    I think it actually refers to the base read speed in the first recorders.
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