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YEEHAW!!! Spurious Response wins again.

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Spurious Response, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. YHBT by Spurious Response.


    Easy fucking retard you are.
  2. Guest

    You really are a sad lot of people.
  3. Hoots

    Hoots Guest


    I'm sorry, I just got here.

    Why are they sad? Did something happen?
  4. Guest

    'Sad' has meanings other than the feeling that goes along with
    crying. Perhaps you've noticed this.
  5. Guest

    Interesting and on topic. I was so wrong about you guys.

    Have a nice forum.

  6. Guest

    Ba-Bye ASS HOLE!

    Art Deco
    Official Overseer of Kooks for alt.usenet.kooks
    Trainer and leash holder of:
    Bob Officer

    "You really are one of the Gayest people I know, Mr. Deco."
    --Kali, Dominatrix of Richard "Chrome Dome" Lamb.
  7. John \C\

    John \C\ Guest

    Stay out of alt.usenet.kooks, ass bandit.

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