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Yamaha organ,(no sound)

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by dex2, Aug 20, 2005.

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  1. dex2

    dex2 Guest

    Hi,I have a Yamaha Electone MC600 organ.when I power up,all seems ok, with
    all lights coming on,but NO SOUND!( when auto rhythm selected lights run
    ok),I have checked 4 fuses at bottom of organ,all ok!,as I still think
    problem maybe blown fuse,if it is a blown fuse,where's it hiding?,if not
    could you point me to where problem lies(if its not a fuse!).Hope you can
    help,if not,thank you for taking time to read this.
  2. N Cook

    N Cook Guest
    Int/Ext Diverter switch problem at output ?
  3. dex2

    dex2 Guest

    thanks for reply,but what is"Int/ext, diverter",where is it located?.will
    try address you gave.
  4. eddumweer

    eddumweer Guest

    Hi Dex,

    Does it work with a headphone? If yes check the headphoneconnector, probably
    6.3 mm stereo plug.

    Greetings Peter
  5. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Why do you think it's a blown fuse? It would be highly unusual for a fuse to
    be hidden somewhere and fuses are almost never the actual problem but an
    indication of a problem elsewhere if a fuse is blown.

    I would say far more likely the problem is somewhere in the audio
    amplification circuit, does the organ have a headphone jack? Sometimes the
    contacts in those get dirty or worn so the speaker is muted even when no
    headphones are plugged in.
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