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Yamaha CD-2 tracking issue

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Apr 15, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    Greetings all, I am looking for information on solving a tracking issue
    with my Yamaha CD-2 Compact Disk player. The unit has a hard time
    seeking track 1 on some disks when the unit has been first turned on.
    After the unit as been on for 10 to 15 minutes the problem goes away.
    This also seems to be a common problem with this model

    Being the cheap scape I am I'd try this newsgroup before I buy a
    service manual.


  2. Replace the sled belt, the tray belt (if any) and apply some light oil at
    the spindle (disc) motor shaft where it enters the body of the motor. Common
    problem. (also clean the laser lens - it's due by now)

    Mark Z.
  3. Guest

    Everything is gear driven, the sled and laser pickup assembly. I did
    lube the rails for the laser assembly but I didn't think of lubing the
    spindle motor shaft. I also cleaned the laser lens. Thanks for your
  4. Yeah, the spindle motor shaft is classic on these. Yamaha of course
    suggested replacing the motor, (C.Y.A.) but I've alway had good luck simply
    lubricating them. Most of the similar models used belts - I wasn't sure
    about the CD-2 - it's been a while.

    Mark Z.
  5. Guest

    Well I tried this, and though it seemed to help it didn't solve the
    problem. I have had several Yamaha CD-2 players over the years and
    every one of them developed this problem. I have had other CD players
    develop these problems and it seemed to be bad trimmers or other
    failures associated with tracking alignments.

    Sure I can just buy another CD player but I've always had a soft spot
    for the CD-2 and would sure like to fix it. I just need the test point
    and alignment procedures.
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