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Yahoo group for FreePCB, open source PCB layout

Discussion in 'CAD' started by rickman, Mar 18, 2005.

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  1. rickman

    rickman Guest

    I could not find much info on users of FreePCB, so I started a Yahoo
    group. FreePCB is an open source program for PCB layout. It works with
    a PADSPCB netlist from any schematic package.

    Come check it out and let us know if you are a user.
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    A little while back I spent a long time looking around for and trying
    various CAD packages out there. I am a student and as such cannot afford
    licensed programs. I tried all the freeware/shareware ones and most were too
    shallow in there usability. This one I thought was one of the better ones,
    but it still lacked a few things.

    Atm I am using a freeware (educational) version of Proteus and have found
    it the most easy to use.

    I will however take another look at this FreePCB. I am a big supporter of
    freeware programs and try to use them before using commercial applications.


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