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XM radio in Tortola?

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Larry, Sep 15, 2007.

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  1. Larry

    Larry Guest

    A friend of mine is taking his Jenneau 426 to Tortola for the winter.

    He asked me if XM would work around Tortola, which shows as out of the
    footprint on:

    Do any of you know how well XM works east of Cuba? The footprint edge runs
    through Hispanola. Any info greatly appreciated.

  2. Larry

    Larry Guest

    At that high latitude, the bird's angle is quite close to the horizon, I
    suspect. Overhead trees aren't a problem. The truck in front of you
    would be. Here in SC, our sync orbit birds are at 45 degrees. That's
    not as low as yours, but it's still an issue. In Tortola, at least, the
    bird will be very high in the sky. I don't think they can point the
    antenna so narrow without using lots of fuel to keep it pointed. We'll
    see how it works. It's going, anyways.
    Although you can't point the standard XM antenna, this pointer
    information from DirecTV can help you understand how low in the sky the
    bird is in Maine or anywhere. DTV's birds are at different longitudes,
    but must be at the same sync orbit to stay in place as XM.

    Playing with the website, it looks like Maine's elevation to the birds
    would be about 31 degrees.....very low towards the horizon and easy to
    block, even if overhead is perfectly clear. Just driving by a 2 story
    building in Maine would block the signal if you were driving East or West
    or anything but SSW/NNE. There's another problem, YOU! If the antenna
    were on the front of the bike and you were driving northerly, between the
    antenna and the bird would be YOU...and you are quite a microwave
    absorber. Your body would block the signal on any northerly trip, within
    150 degrees.

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