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XM Radio Antennae

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Dave Winslow \(Dad\), Oct 14, 2003.

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  1. Hi List,

    I need to extend the antenna on my satellite radio receiver. I
    understand that unlike satellite TV, which uses conventional coax,
    these radios use a different sort of coax which is critical along with
    the length of the cable. I'm not sure I can buy an extension and so am
    considering building my own. I would appreciate any advice anyone
    might have.

    Thanks, Dave W.
  2. There are three primary manufacturers of the XM radio (active)
    antennas: Receptec, Terk, and Antenna Specialists. All of those use a
    low grade coaxial cable (~0.65 dB / foot at 2340 MHz). IOW, you can
    use just about anything if it's a short extension. The SMB connector
    is a standard type, and you can make your own extension with a 50-ohm

    All of the XM radio antennas I know are the active type. There is a
    built-in LNA with about 1.2 dB noise figure and 28 dB or more gain.
    Depending upon the length of the extention, cable loss, and your
    application (e.g. stationary, mobile, your proximity to terrestrial
    repeaters, etc ...) you may not see any degredation until the cable
    loss exceeds 12 dB or so.

    Frank Raffaeli
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