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XLR connector pinout for scooter charger

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Richard J Kinch, Dec 25, 2004.

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  1. Looking for the pinout for the 3-pin XLR connector that is used for the 24
    VDC charger on import electric scooters, such as .

    It's just + and - from the wall-wart, but I don't have the charger, just
    the scooter. For now I have to jump my lab power supply directly onto the
    SLA batteries.
  2. Check the connector with a multimeter, and that should give you the
    polarity, and which pins are used.

  3. More to it than that -- see my other self-response.
  4. Answering my own question, I discovered several sources of this information
    on the Web, mostly having to do with powered wheelchairs, which typically
    use the same 24-volt SLA batteries and charging system.

    XLR Pin 1 = Battery positive.
    XLR Pin 2 = Inhibits vehicle operation when pulled to battery negative.
    XLR Pin 3 = Battery negative.

    Pin 2 just lets the unit sense when the charger is connected, and disables
    the drive, so you don't run away with the charger cord attached.
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