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XBee-Pro info for Radio control requested

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Fonz, May 8, 2007.

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  1. Fonz

    Fonz Guest

    G'Day all.
    There are quite a few radio control manufacturers coming out with 2.4Ghz
    systems, instead of the old 36 and 72Mhz systems. I was just wondering if
    it was possible to use the XBee-Pro modules which have a range of about 1km
    and transmit the PWM signal to the receiver.
    To do this I would disconnect the RFtransmitter from the output of the
    control transmitter. Feed the Raw PPM signal into the Xbee for
    transmission. The receiver would receive this data and input it into the
    signal line between the RF receiver and PPM encoder. I know it sounds
    simplistice, but by the way the XBee modules are displayed, they say they
    are true Plug and play units.
    Of course there are other issues, such as voltage regulation, etc, but these
    are minor issues.
    Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of the XBee-pro modules, and how
    they are matched? ie:grounding a line on Tx, whilst doing the same with the
    Is there some way of having one unit Tx and the other Rx at all times, to
    reduce latency.
    Many thanks in advance,
    Melbourne Australia.
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