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x10 Question

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by garrett, May 9, 2007.

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  1. garrett

    garrett Guest


    I use x10 Powerline Communication to allow me to switch devices on and off.
    I use x10 modules plugged into devices that switch the power on and off.
    One lamp I have plugged into the module seems to draw too much current.
    When I turn the module off with an x10 signal, the light goes off for a
    couple seconds, but then turns back on. Does anyone know why this happens
    or a way around the problem?

  2. LL

    LL Guest

    Is it an incandescent light?
    Does the wattage exceed the rating of the x10 module?
    Have you tried a different x10 module? Maybe the module got "zapped".

  3. garrett

    garrett Guest

    The lamp has a 300 watt halogen bulb. The module says it is 120 volts and
    15A. I think I have a manual that came with the lamp, but I don't know much
    about electronics talk so you can tell me what to look for if you want me to
    find anymore data about the rating. I tried a bunch of modules, but they all
    did the same thing.

  4. TOP-Posting ROCKS!

    For those of us that can LEARN to read UseNet.

    No need to scroll-down through stuff that has ALREADY BEEN READ!

    Besides, a bling guy working at NASA taught me.

    I already know what people have already said on this topic.

    Why waste MY cpu and Brain time hearing it all over
    and over and over and over AGAIN?

  5. If you can't figure-out what and where the thread is heading
    by YOU developing Scolliosis,
    please feel free to contact your
    local Ergonomics Chapter.
  6. In other words, Top-Posting WORKS
    for people that have been folloring the thread all along.

    THE MINORITY are the people that just joined in.

    If they are smart, they hit Ctrl-End and read from the bottom-up.

    THE MAJORITY are the people that have ALREADY READ IT!
  7. LL

    LL Guest

    Anyone going to answer the question, instead of debating the
    intricacies of top vs. bottom posting???

    Did you try to swap the module with another, in case the original is

  8. garrett

    garrett Guest

    Did you get my message that the bulb was 300 watts halogen and the module
    was rated at 30 amps? The voltage is standard 120 volts. Are there any
    other numbers you need that would help? I tried other modules, but they had
    the same problem.
  9. Coyoteboy

    Coyoteboy Guest

    I must admit, I learned to bottom post when I first started on USENET. But
    I've never understood why it was so frowned upon to top post.
    For a start, most newbies to USENET top post. Why make it "difficult" for
    them and require it to be the wrong way round? And most people snip the post
    to contain only the last question and answer anyway, and it takes less time
    and effort to read the top of the post to get the latest answer. When
    replying to / reading emails most people start at the top and read top-down
    for history. This is a natural format on a computer system which defaults to
    viewing the top of a document first - a usenet thread is a chronologically
    ordered sequence of information, it make no difference the information
    content whether it works top down or bottom up - if everyone had started top
    posting it would be the norm (and make more sense as the computer defaults
    to viewing the latest information. You dont start looking for the latest
    version of code by searching through all the SVN history, you skip to the
    latest version, then look back if you need to debug.

    I've read posts that were 4-5 pages long, sure reading downwards meant I
    read all the info, but since I didnt NEED that info it might as well have
    stayed off-screen and just showed me the top. That way I could also just
    scroll down one post at a time until i understood the crux of the post,
    instead of having to read all the fragments of post (with bits snipped out
    so it doesnt make complete sense anyway).
    There used to be the case where news servers didnt propogate the posts fast
    enough and you could end up with out-of-sequence replies, hence the extra
    info in the post was helpful, but with modern technology thats rarely an
    issue anymore?

    Anyway, not wishing to cause an argument, just thinking outloud really. I
    dont care either way - Im used to bottom-posting, its just always struck me
    as odd.
  10. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    Then do continue.
    This goes directly to your *newbies* point below.
    A Usenet post should read like a conversation.
    Adapting to the *existing* paradigm makes things uniform.
    As Fields constantly points out, "When in Rome...".
    ....and you think that appearing to be a neophite is a GOOD thing?
    Your thinking is inverted.
    Old masters do not unnecessarily change a method
    which has worked well for years.
    It is the **apprentice** who must be expected to adapt.
    You're standing on your head again.
    That's right.
    The paradigm is simple:
    If it's not important enough to be ABOVE your addition,
    Most blockquotes are unnecessarily verbose.
    The concept is simple: CONTEXT;.
    If you're **not replying DIRECTLY to it** WHY INCLUDE IT?
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