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+(x)V and 0V

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by simon, Dec 23, 2004.

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  1. simon

    simon Guest

    Hi there,
    on many electronic circuits i see +x amount and 0V what do i put in the 0v

    ie i see a circuit with 12v+ and the other with 0v do i run a +12lead to the
    + and leave the 0v or do i put the - in there

    my electronics teacher wasnt very clear

    thanks alot
  2. If it's a 'single' supply ie. a single plus voltage and a negative (like a
    single battery cel) then connect as you say, if it's a 'dual' supply ie.
    +12v, 0v, -12v then the common point or ground is usually the 0v and there
    are two other lines, one is 12v positive to 0v or ground and the other -12v
    to ground. This type of supply is used a lot with op amps etc.
  3. Fred Ferd

    Fred Ferd Guest

    Ok, clearly you can work out where the +12v supply lead goes, so connect
    that to the circuit at +12v.

    The battery has + and - terminals. So we will say that + is +12v. Now the -
    of the battery is negative compared to +. that is ([email protected] minus
    [email protected] ) is negative. So that means the -ve of the battery is actually
    0v or ground on the circuit.

    If you have a + and - power supply, then you have +12v , 0 (which may or may
    not be grounded) and -12v.

    The difference between the +12 and 0 terminals on the power supply is 12
    The difference between +12 and -12 terminals on the power supply is 24

    Its important to remember that the +12 and -12 are only +12 and -12 relative
    to the 0 terminal on an isolating power supply. (some power supplies may
    have 0v connected to ground INTERNALLY, it its not isolated properly.)

    If 0v is grounded, then the +12 and -12 are +12 volts and -12 volts
    relative to ground and to the 0v terminal.
  4. Nathan

    Nathan Guest

    hi there thanks both for your help,
    sorry i did not reply earlier i have been away

    thank you
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