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X-ray detector equipment with semiconductor sensor

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by lmr, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. lmr

    lmr Guest

    I would like to know if someone have a example of a circuits that have a
    commercial photodiode or phototransistor how sensors ? Send me a link or
    achive with applications notes !
    I am trying to development a small x-ray dose meter for x-ray diagnostic !
    Thanks for help !
  2. Chris Jones

    Chris Jones Guest

    This circuit claims to be able to detect 60keV photons:

    I think that it may not be suitable for detecting high dose rates like you
    would find with an X-ray tube.

  3. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    Recently, i had some X-rays taken, 50 KEV and the imaging plate was a
    semiconductor (array?) with very good resolution - as good as film.
  4. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    it was probably coated with a phosphor,and the silicon just reads the light
    emitted from the phosphor when the Xrays strike it.
  5. Fred Bartoli

    Fred Bartoli Guest

    Le Wed, 22 Aug 2007 13:24:42 +0000, Jim Yanik a écrit:
    Yup, except this almost surely isn't phosphor.
    I've done some interesting consulting for this product line http:// and they use cesium iodide because of
    its high conversion efficiency.
  6. Jim Yanik

    Jim Yanik Guest

    Well,that would BE one kind of phosphor.
    I did say "a phosphor". :cool:
    Just an emissive coating,usually made from rare earth elements,like TV sets
    use.You would select for best wavelength that the semiconductor is most
    sensitive to,probably shortwave IR)
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