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X-10 Status Indicator

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Lp, Jul 11, 2003.

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  1. Lp

    Lp Guest

    Announcing! A complete line of X-10 compatible Status Indicators!

    See !

    Over the years I have read posts asking for some way to tell what the status
    was of X-10 devices. Questions like:

    Is the garage door open?

    Is the pool filler valve open?

    Are the coach lights on?


    After making a kluged attempt to monitor the status of my garage door, and
    then I buying the Stanley Garage door monitoring setup, I discovered that it
    wasn't quite enough. I wanted more monitoring. So I have started
    manufacturing a line of X-10 Status Indicators.

    There are 2 basic models; the SI-16 and SI-32, displaying the status of 16
    or 32 items for user-programmable House Codes. More advanced models can be
    programmed to display 16 or 32 individually selected House Code / Unit Code
    combinations! In addition, the Status Indicators can be daisy-chained to
    display more items. Only one Line Interface and power supply is required for
    each location in the home.

    See for further details.


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