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WTD--Source for LM325H or SG2501 dual voltage regulator IC

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Bob Weiss, Jun 7, 2005.

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  1. Bob Weiss

    Bob Weiss Guest

    Am in need of 3 pcs of this now discontinued device. A dual tracking +/-
    15V regulator in a 10 pin TO-5 type package. Anyone have a few of these
    moldy oldies gathering dust on their shelves?

    Bob Weiss N2IXK
  2. gb

    gb Guest

    There are a number of "obsolete parts" distributors around the world.

    Your part number LM325
    came up as available

    Rochester Electronics actually purchases the "dies" from many discontinued
    IC devices

    Summit Electronics also lists this part as available

    4-Star also lists thousands in stock

  3. Pete KE9OA

    Pete KE9OA Guest

    I remember the HP 339A distortion analyzer used something similar to that,
    if not the same device. When I was working at Motorola, we had to purchase
    100 dollars of them as a minimum buy.
    Don't waste your time on only sell to vendors.

  4. Bob Weiss

    Bob Weiss Guest

    Have 3 of them on the way! Thanks a lot, guys!

    Bob Weiss N2IXK
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