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WTB: Used Working Degaussing Coil

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by James, Mar 21, 2005.

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  1. James

    James Guest

  2. Buy a bulk tape eraser.
  3. Bret Pehrson

    Bret Pehrson Guest

    Buy a degaussing coil.

    MCM Electronics has them for $19.
  4. If you want a wimpy field, sure. If you might want to maybe degauss a frame
    or some monitor you can't get close to easily, something with more power and
    rinage might be useful. Plus, you can erase media with it.

    Heck, why buy one, make one if that's all want. An old electric cord and a
    junk deguass harness, etc.
  5. Bret Pehrson

    Bret Pehrson Guest

    I've degaussed frames w/ my wimpy 19" degaussing coil, with the frame in place
    (coil is thin enough to slide between frame and cabinet).

    *Never* had the need to do bulk erasing of media.
    Sure, you can cobble anything together. In fact, why cobble anything together,
    just use an electric drill or soldering gun.

    Personally I prefer to drop a $20 on a commercial product that was intended for
    this purpose. Just giving the OP additional options other than a (what I
    consider) an ill-suited item such as a bulk media eraser.
  6. Weade

    Weade Guest

    I dunno... I just have a typical Radio Shack gun-style soldering gun and
    it's worked perfectly every time. No need for a coil at all...

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