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WTB: Several TTL 74xx series ICs

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Mark (UK), Feb 19, 2004.

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  1. Mark (UK)

    Mark (UK) Guest


    Looking for the following TTL series ICs:

    7427, 74S27, 74LS27
    7483, 74LS83
    74S287 (PROM)
    74S288 (PROM)
    74S299, 74LS299
    74LS384 (or AM25LS14?)
    74LS385 (or AM25LS15)
    74399, 74S399, 74LS399
    74LS471 (PROM)
    74S472 (PROM)
    74S571 (PROM)
    74S573 (PROM)
    (any LS can be ALS, but no HC/HCT types please)
    (Can be used socket pulls, except for the PROMs, which MUST be blank, or
    have a blank guarantee)

    Qty required varies depending on which one, but average will be 500pcs.
    No "target price" bull please, just quote your price for 500pcs and
    we'll go from there.

    Thanks. Yours, Mark.
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