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WTB:older micro boards 6502,6800,z80, 8086, 9900,sc/mp etc

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by mc, Nov 4, 2003.

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  1. mc

    mc Guest

    Hi after older type early microprocessor development boards based on
    early microprocessor chips (around late 70's early 1980's era).. e.g.
    8080/85/z80,680X,sc/mp's,2650,TI9900,6502, 8086 ,z8000,68000 etc.. not
    after full microcomputers (e.g. commodores, etc.) but development
    systems that ere basically a cpu chip+ some ram ,some sort of interface
    and i/o on a board .. or similar setup ...

    also any books/manuals to go with those micro' and interface to them..

    going or not going is fine .. as long as there is reasonable info to
    repair them or be able to use them for parts ..
  2. Peter_purple

    Peter_purple Guest

    I have a Z-8 CCP Emulator in almost new condition,

    Was considering using it for next round of chips, or earlier
    z86e02 etc

    Interested ?

    peter purple in perth
  3. Mike Harding

    Mike Harding Guest

    Must be the Transputer. A great idea which never really
    took off, I wonder why? Never used it myself though.

    Mike Harding
  4. That's probably the Transputer.

  5. Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Guest

    As developed by the University of Edinburgh. A marvel of it's time, now
    replaced by a single chip. :)

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