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WTB:older micoprocessor development boards and BOOKS

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by mc, Mar 21, 2005.

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  1. mc

    mc Guest


    I after older microprocessor development type boards and BOOKS ..pre
    1980's and on ..mainly all the early microprocessors,
    8080,8085,z80,6502,6800,SC/MP 2650 etc and all the early 16 bit ones
    8086,TMS9900,68000 ,z8000 etc ..

    after any development type boards using any of the above micros and any
    information manual or books on the processors or their
    interface,programming and use.

    I you have any and willing to part with them with details and
    any $$ worth value so you can part with them without any tears

  2. GM

    GM Guest

    What are you doing with them?

  3. Gonz

    Gonz Guest

    What are you doing with them?
    well, you melt the boards down etc and collect the gold.
  4. Jim

    Jim Guest

    I've been told that you need some vewwy naaastee chemicals to do that ôô
  5. Gonz

    Gonz Guest

    What are you doing with them?
    Maybe he needs the books too to light the fire to melt them all down?

    I wonder what the real reason is though
  6. mc

    mc Guest

    I play around with them .. I enjoy the architecture of the early CPU's
    ..Todays micros get so complex that you need a 300 page book to
    undestand them fully.. + I sort of grew up with them when they were
    first used [email protected] that time I certainly could not afford more than one
    micro to muck around with ..but in the end I had a go with SC/MP,
    6800/6802, 6502, z80 and TMS 9900 (16bit) I liked the TMS chip
    (humungas for its era ..64pin chip ..white ceramic ...and yes all gold
    pins) and it had virtual registers in the ram (that some of the micro
    controller chips employ now..

    so there ..

    books ..well help me with the info on the micro chips and interfacing see there is still lot of these around on shelves and cupboards
    just corroding away till one day someone sees them and just junks them
    without placing any importance to them..
    so far I've rejuvinated a...

    MicroScamp(EA) (SC/MP)
    D2 kit(6800)
    SYM1 (6502)
    2x 6802 boards
    2 x8085 boards(similar to SDK85) very nice
    2x AIM65 (6502) one complete with books etc
    TE-Z80 kit (built myself)(talking electronics)

    so I like one on 6809, 68000, SC/MP development kit, TMS9900 (16bit) DK,
    8088 or 8086 development kit (and no I do not mean a PC) and so on to
    complement the above .. but I do not mind doubles as some are not in
    best condition...some are over 25 years old now
  7. vk4vzk

    vk4vzk Guest

    Hi... mc can you contact me via email. (vk4vzk at hotmail dot com). I
    have a zenith laptop with carry bag in working condition. Has all the books
    with it but the battery is dead. I don't think the books are the original
    books for this model. It has two floppy drives and runs on a very early
    version of dos 3.21. It never had a hard drive. The dos disk is still in
    working order. The bag has AMP on it. Looks like it has a 8087 numeric data
    It might be of some use to you. I have been looking for 5 years now for
    someone that might want it. I dare not throw it in the bin.
  8. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    Would you be interested in manuals for early computers, eg Exidy
    Sorcerer, Tandy TRS-80?

    - Franc Zabkar
  9. Guest

    No you dumb shit, the poster is seeking early examples of 8 bit
    microprocessor evaluation and development boards vis 6800 D2 ect, if you
    have any idea of history of microprocessors that circa late 70s, you would
    know its value and interest to the poster.

    but a dumbarse CB wannabee H call im not suprised
  10. quietguy

    quietguy Guest

    Sounds like fun - I remember writing a word processer in Z80 assembly, but
    couldn't afford to buy a printer to go with it. Ahh memories


    PS: I do have an old Apple IIe that I have been meaning to play with
    sometime, but I could be persuaded to part with it
  11. david

    david Guest

    i think i have a book of intrest to you its a 1986 D.A.T.A book,
    microprocessor listing 10,166 types the size of a telephone book about a
    1,000 pages lots of drawings pinouts etc
    i'm in perth its free if you want it
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