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WTB:older micoprocessor development boards and BOOKS

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by mc, Sep 28, 2004.

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  1. mc

    mc Guest


    I after older microprocessor development type boards and BOOKS ..pre
    1980's and on ..mainly all the early microprocessors,
    8080,8085,z80,6502,6800,SC/MP 2650 etc and all the early 16 bit ones
    8086,TMS9900,68000 ,z8000 etc ..

    after any development type boards using any of the above micros and any
    information manual or books on the processors or their
    interface,programming and use.

    I you have any and willing to part with them with details and
    any $$ worth value so you can part with them without any tears :)

  2. Alex Gibson

    Alex Gibson Guest

    not an old one but an emulator
    uses a atmega32 to emulate a 6502

  3. John Smyth

    John Smyth Guest

    You wouldn't be making a microprocessor museum by any chance, which is an
    idea that interests me too. I've also considered a collection of all the
    classic memory chips too. And all the PC CPUs.
    John Smyth
  4. mc

    mc Guest

    Hmmm nothing like that.. ..i am aware of the newer micros and
    microcontrollers ..and have used some of them recently ..but to me most
    of them get too complex I resorted collecting the information on
    older micros (books manuals) and older boards made late 70's and early
    eighties ..fom my own satisfaction ... and not for display etc ..I do
    use them and play around with them .. some i just have boards for others
    I only have a book or a manual on. Yes I do know some of the books can
    be bought from second hand shops etc (even new) but they tend to charge
    like bulls ..while on the other hand people have books (and older micro
    boards) sitting on their shelves for 20+ years now ..gathering dust
    ...and dont even know it ..and thow them away in the end.. about 10 years
    ago I had some 6502 books (about 10 of them) ..sold them all I
    wish I still had them as they are hard to come by ..
  5. Charles L

    Charles L Guest

    Look at this:

    Charles L
  6. Kynaston

    Kynaston Guest

    Hmmm. I am the manager of Lifeline Computers in Toowoomba QLD (About 1.5
    Hours west of Brisbane). We are part of the Lifeline Charity and get ALOT of
    old Books and systems donated to us..Most we have no idea what to do with
    and they end up in the tip, Some end up on Ebay..If your ever up this way
    come in and have a look at the moment we have just had a stack of old VIC20
    systems - Dick Smith Z80 (I think it is don't quote me)...Have an OLD Epson
    system sitting around and regularly get other systems donated..BOXES of
    Books Pre 1980..
    Long drive though..Maybe you could contact the charitys in your
    area..Salvationa Army, St Vincent De Paul and see what they do with the Old
    Systems that get donated to them..

    Take Care
  7. mc

    mc Guest

    Yep ..bit far away from newcastle... I have had a look @ some second
    hand shops in the past ..but not much of charity shops etc .. I'll take
    your suggestion .. and next time have a look there too ...when I go
    past some ..

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