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WTB:older 6502 based micro books .

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by mc, Sep 19, 2003.

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  1. mc

    mc Guest

    Here is a list of books on of books about the 6502 micro ..If
    you have some kicking around and do not need them .. let me know ..I'll
    buy them or swap you for something ..

    Bright, Bob. Assembly Language for the 6502: Pocket Guide. London,
    England: Pitman, 1983.

    Carr, Joseph J. 6502 User's Manual. Reston, Virginia: Reston Pub. Co.,

    DeJong, Marvin L. Programming & Interfacing the 6502, with Experiments.
    Indianapolis, Indiana: Howard W. Sams, Inc., 1980.

    Eyes, David & Lichty, Ron. Programming the 65816 Including the 6502,
    65C02 and the 65802. New York, New York: Brady Prentice Hall Press,
    1986. ISBN 0893037893.

    Findley, Robert. 6502 Software Gourmet Guide and Cookbook. Elmwood,
    Connecticut: Scelbi Publications, c1979.

    Fischer, Michael. 65816/65802 Assembly Language Programming. Berkley,
    California: Osborne McGraw-Hill, 1986.

    Foster, Caxton C. Programming a Microcomputer: 6502. Reading,
    Massachusetts: Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., c1978.

    Holland, John M. Advanced 6502 Interfacing. Indianapolis, Indiana:
    Howard W. Sams, Inc., 1982.

    Labiak, William. Programming the 65816. Berkley, California: Sybex, 1986.

    Hyde, Randy. Using 6502 Assembly Language. Chatsworth, California:
    Datamost, Inc., 1981.

    Leventhal, Lance A. 6502 Assembly Language Programming. Berkeley,
    California: Osborne/McGraw-Hill., 1979. ISBN 0-931988-27-6.

    Leventhal, Lance A. & Saville, Winthrop. 6502 Assembly Language
    Subroutines. Berkley, California: Osborne McGraw-Hill, 1982.

    Luetzow, Robert H. Interfacing Test Circuits with Single-Board
    Computers. Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania: Tab Books, Inc., 1983.

    Mansfield, Richard. Machine Language for Beginners. Greensboro, North
    Carolina: COMPUTE! Publications, Inc., 1983.

    Mansfield, Richard. The Second Book of Machine Language. Greensboro,
    North Carolina: COMPUTE! Publications, Inc., 1984.

    Scanlon, Leo J. 6502 Software Design. Indianapolis, Indiana: Howard W.
    Sams & Co, Inc., 1980.

    Skier, Ken. Beyond Games: Systems Software for your 6502 Personal
    Computer. Petersborough, New Hampshire: Byte Publications, c1981.

    Skier, Ken. Top-Down Assembly Language Programming for the 6502 Personal
    Computer. New York, New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1981.

    Smith, Mike. 6502 Machine and Assembly Language Programming. Blue Ridge
    Summit, Pennsylvania: Tab Books, c1984.

    TOPALOGLU Nurettin. Mikroislemciler ve Assembly Dili. 3rd Edition,
    Ankara, Turkey: Seckin Yayinevi, 2001. ISBN: 975 347 364 8. Front Cover.
    (Turkish Language)

    Weller, Walter J. Practical Microcomputer Programming: the 6502.
    Evanston, Illinois: Northern Technology Books, c1980. ISBN 0-930594-08-8

    Windeknecht, Thomas G. 6502 Systems Programming. Boston, Massachusetts:
    Little, Brown and Co., 1983.

    Zaks, Rodnay. 6502 Applications Book. Berkeley, California: Sybex, 1980(?).

    Zaks, Rodnay. 6502 Games. Berkeley, California: Sybex, 1980(?).

    Zaks, Rodnay. Advanced 6502 Programming. Berkeley, California: Sybex, 1980.

    Zaks, Rodnay. Programming the 6502 (Fourth Edition). Berkeley,
    California: Sybex, 1983.
  2. I have Zaks, Rodney. Programming the 6502 (Third Edition) Sybex 1980 if that
    is of interest.

    Llew Griffiths

    Llew Griffiths & Associates Pty Limited
    Embedded Controller Design Consultants
    Melbourne, Australia
    The reply address is a black hole for spam
  3. GM

    GM Guest

    I've got one not on your list - microprocessors and microcomputers
    tocci/laskowski. It focuses on the 6502 and i think it is good general guide
    to the 6502.

  4. skozzy

    skozzy Guest

    I used to have a book called Penguin Guide to programming the Vic-20 (It
    used the 6502), it's mostly a simple machine now-a-days. The instruction set
    for it can be found in most data sheets for the chip.

    You should find that most info on the 6510 will work as well.
  5. Rob Judd

    Rob Judd Guest

    --^ Ooh, I've got this one!

    Sorry, you can't have it. Otherwise the Leventhal Z80 book would feel
    lonely and neglected.

  6. mc

    mc Guest

    can you email me please directly ..

    TNX mc
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