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WTB: MBR1545CT or equivalent

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Kalman Rubinson, Oct 15, 2004.

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  1. Anyone have one to spare? Cannot imagine a house like Newark or
    others treating me reasonably for an order for only one or two.

    Will gladly pay for it along with shipping to NYC.

  2. XThing

    XThing Guest

    Is this for a computer PSU ? There are several other types of dual
    15-amp Schottky diodes that will do just fine if you can get them more
    easily. E.g. a PBYR1545CT. You can also use 30-amp diodes like
    HER3001PT, SBL3040PT if there's provision for mounting the larger
    package - many PSUs have this provision.
    (I have them but I'm in India so I don't think you'll like the
    shipping charge... :))
  3. Thanks to you and others who replied. Found a source.

    BTW, it is for the power supply of a stereo preamplifier and there is
    no provision for mounting any larger device packages.

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