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WTB: FM broadcast band YAGI receiving antenna

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Ian, Aug 13, 2003.

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  1. Ian

    Ian Guest


    Just wondering if there is anywhere local (Melbourne) that stocks yagi's
    specifically for the FM broadcast band (88-108MHz) ???

    I am receiving 93.5 3BO (Bendigo) - however, I have a lot of crosstalk with
    another local station on the same freq, and would like to try out a yagi to
    see if it solves the problem....

  2. Just wondering if there is anywhere local (Melbourne) that
    stocks yagi's
    specifically for the FM broadcast band (88-108MHz) ???

    **** Radio Parts have two FM band Yagis listed, high and low
    gain versions.

    Brian Goldsmith.
  3. Mike Harding

    Mike Harding Guest

    A VHF TV one might be good enough for you? I think
    Dick Smith sell them. Of course a naughty person might
    buy one from DSE, try it to see if it does the job and, if
    not, return it for a refund under their 7 day policy :)

    They are not too difficult to make, take a look at

    and/or try reposting this question to:

    Mike Harding
  4. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** That is a tall order and depends on the relative directions of the two
    transmitters to you.

    Only if the local one were close to 180 degrees compared to the Bendigo
    one will you likely succeed.

    The FM ( presumably lowish power) signal from Bendigo must be very
    weak and noisy.

    Do you live in Melbourne?

    .............. Phil
  5. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    Thats not correct with FM. The capture effect means that
    all you have to do is to get one signal well above the other
    and the capture effect with FM will see the weak one gone.
    Yeah, pretty forlorn prospects of getting
    a decent reliable signal in Melburg.
    Presumably, otherwise they wouldnt be both on the same freq.
  6. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** More Robot Bullshit.

    The capture effect means that

    ** That is the whole problem - getting the long distance signal to exceed
    the local one.

    You will need the *full* back to front ratio of a good Yagi to stand a
    chance in this case.

    ........... Phil
  7. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** I can hear the Robot's rusty bolts rattling ....

    ..... Phil
  8. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    Some pathetic excuse for a bullshit artist claiming to be
    Phil Allison <> desperately
    attempted to bullshit its way out of its predicament in message
    and fooled absolutely no one at all. As always.

    No wonder its completely unemployable.
  9. Ian

    Ian Guest

    G'day guys!

    Thanks for the input (well.....most of it anyway!! haha)

    Yes, i live in melbourne, and the signal is not too bad.......I do receive
    it in FM stereo....with a fair amount of crackle.
    I have a carver tx-11a which has an excellent FM circuit design and caters
    for multipath rejection, so it is very selective.....also on the AM band

    The time of night that I want to listen is between 9pm to midnight - when
    Stan Zemanek is on (here comes the flaming...)

    At that time of night, the singal is better in any case due to less noise
    from other transmitting devices.

    I will give radio parts a try. thanks for that! :)

    While I am at it, do you think it would be possible to receive 2UE with a
    sayyyy....4-5 foot loop antenna design (954 KHz on the AM band....)

    I received 2UE about 65km South of Bendigo while driving the other night,
    and also 2SM.....just on the car radio antenna

    Given the time of night that I want to listen, (9pm till midnight) do you
    think this might be a chance??? Anyone tried some AM band DX'ing here??


  10. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** 3BB0 FM in Bendigo is a 120 kW commercial - what is your other station on
    the same frequency of 93.5 MHZ. ??

    ......... Phil
  11. Ian

    Ian Guest


    I think I have just found out what the other service is on 93.5......

    its the Warragul RPH service that runs from 6am till 11pm.

    So hopefully the fron-to-back ratio of a YAGI will help eliminate the other


  12. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    A decent yagi might be enough to make a real difference
    given the two stations/power levels and distances involved.
    Dunno, its unlikely to be due to that.
    Long distance AM is always a rather fraught thing. Its
    unlikely to give you a usable result too often at that distance.
    Yeah, tho it isnt likely to be all that reliable there.
    Its likely to be pretty variable and very prone to lightning effects.
    Yeah, there's always a few into that sort of thing.
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