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WTB Allen-Bradley Pub.1745-825

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Jeff Dieterle, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. Looking for original or copy.This is the SLC Personal Computer Software
    Users Guide. Explains programming a SLC 100/150 with a Pc instead of using
    the pocket programmer. The Rockwell web sight no longer has this available
  2. Ben Miller

    Ben Miller Guest

    The SLC100 has been obsolete for some time and is no longer supported (as
    you discovered). I realize that you might be working with something that
    already exists in a machine, but if you have a choice I would move into the

    Ben Miller
  3. Ben Miller

    Ben Miller Guest

    Glad you found one. The local community college had a bunch of SLC100
    trainers that they scrapped a couple of years ago. They probably had the
    manuals too. They use SLC500 now.
    Sounds like a nice project. Have fun.

    Ben Miller
  4. We scrapped out a machine with the slc 100 controlling it + 2 expansion
    modules so it was free for the taking, anyway I found a manual. We've also
    scrapped a boxcar full of A-B plc2's but I wasn't interested in them because
    of their bulk. I needed the manual because I haven't messed around with
    this archaic stuff for 15 years. Since the price was right I wanted the slc
    so I could design a custom alarm system for my home. My house is all ready
    wired with centralized low voltage control for all the lighting. So along
    with the security program, I'll program light sequencing to make the house
    appear occupied when I'm away.
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